'Game Of Thrones' Superfans Will Love These Gifts

Gift-giving season has arrived again, and I am not going to sugarcoat it, this is the most stressful time of year. Nothing makes me break out into a cold sweat quite like trying to pick out the perfect present for my chef brother, anime loving niece, and basically everyone else on my list. Happily, if there is someone in your life who is fluent in Dothraki and has deep thoughts about the Azor Ahai theory, then I am about to make checking at least one name off your list easy. I have put together a list of Game of Thrones gifts that are perfect for the discerning honorary resident of Westeros. I'm not talking casual fans, I'm talking Game of Thrones devotees who annually rewatch every episode and already own a dragon egg cookie jar.

Let's be real here, Game of Thrones has been around for awhile now and it is way too easy to pick up the first scarf featuring your best friend's favorite house crest on it and call it a day. Show the Game of Thrones junkie in your life you understand their deep love for the Iron Throne, Winterfell, and Ghost by buying them a special themed gift, not the first piece of show merchandise that pops up when you do an internet search. Just because they love Game of Thrones does not mean they are going to love a plastic key chain — these Game of Thrones gifts will make the day of even the pickiest fans, and the extra effort you put into picking them out will show.

1. A Game Of Thrones Art Print

Hodor Print, $18, OutNerdMe/Etsy

Forget tacky posters you would find on your younger self's bedroom wall, when buying a Game of Thrones print go for something with a clean design and an unexpected style. OutNerdMe is an Etsy shop that specializes in quote art prints, and if you know someone who can't get enough of Hodor, Tyrion, Dany, Arya, or The Hound, then one (or two) of these stylish prints will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves Thrones and art.

2. The One Pop-Up Book They Won't Get Bored With

Game Of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide To Westeros, $45.90, Amazon

Instead of giving someone another set of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, give them a stunning coffee table book. This pop-up guide to Westeros is intricate and beautifully made. It is a must have for any fan who never fast forwards through the opening credits.

3. The Perfect Quote Ring

"Not Today" Game of Thrones Inspired Ring, $14.95, Amazon

If you are planning on buying jewelry, make the reference subtle. This ring has an antique style and an Arya Stark quote that will inspire your fannish friend when they look down at their finger. The best part is, it is adjustable, so there is no worry about it not fitting.

4. A Scarf They Will Actually Wear

Game Of Thrones Map Of Westeros Infinity Scarf, $24.99, ThinkGeek

If you want to gift a Game of Thrones fan a scarf, pick one that they can pair with their everyday outfits. This map of Westeros is cute, allows the wearer to show off their Westeros pride, and still look professional at the same time.

5. A Clever Bottle Opener

AleHorn Hand Of The King Bottle Opener, $14.99, Amazon

Know someone who loves wine as much as Tyrion does? Then buy them this nifty Hand of the King bottle opener and pair it with a bottle of their favorite wine — boom, gift shopping complete.

6. The Coolest Pouch Ever

"Fight For The Throne" Pouch, $22, Redbubble

Pouches are underrated as gifts. If you have a college-aged fan or artist on your list, then they can use this amazing battle for the Iron Throne pouch for their pencils. Everyone else can use it as a makeup bag, clutch, or just a gorgeous catchall for travel. The point is, it is unique and something your Game of Thrones loving pal won't already have.

7. A Pillow For Someone Who Loves Reading As Much As They Love Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Throw Pillow, $28.13, Redbubble

I love gifts that pull double duty. If your recipient is an avid reader and a major Game of Thrones fan, this throw pillow with Tyrion's iconic quote about books will look right at home on their favorite reading chair.

8. Their New Favorite Cookbook

A Feast Of Ice & Fire , $23.79, Amazon

Foodie or not, this cookbook is inspiring in its commitment to detail. Even George R.R. Martin loves it, so you can bet any fan who receives a copy will be delighted.

9. The Tank Top They Never Knew They Wanted

Game Of Thrones Tank Top, $15.85, Amazon

This tank comes in a number of colors, but it only needs one flawless Tyrion quote to make it an item even the pickiest fan couldn't resist falling in love with.

10. The Perfect Gift For House Stark Loyalists

Handmade Direwolf Bookmark, $23.49, Amazon

Bookmarks aren't always great gift ideas, but when you find one that is handmade and cool, then it suddenly becomes an excellent present. This bookmark features Greywind's paw, so give it to that friend who is still mourning Robb. Maybe have some tissues at the ready too.

11. The Professional Fan's Dream

Ice Letter Opener, $24.50, Amazon

For your mom, dad, or anyone who spends a lot of time in their office, this mini replica of Ned Stark's sword Ice is the perfect dash of geeky goodness to keep them daydreaming about Westeros while they go through the mail every morning.

12. A Collectible They Won't Have

Autographed Script Reprint, $17.49, Amazon

Serious fans will lose it when you hand them a signed copy of the pilot episode, even if it is a reprint.

13. The Brienne Of Tarth Swag They Always Wanted

House Tarth Banner iPhone Cover, $22.91, Redbubble

There's not a Brienne fan on the planet who wouldn't flip over this amazing custom iPhone cover.

14. The Iconic Locale Tote

Dragonstone Tote, $20, Redbubble

This bag screams ask me about my fandom, which is sure to make your recipient psyched. Not only will they be able to talk about Game of Thrones, they will be able to launch into a history of Dragonstone.

15. A (Very) Relaxing Candle

Milk Of The Poppy Candle, $13, FoxyFrogScents/Etsy

Candles are the perfect go to gift if you aren't sure what someone already has in their Game of Thrones collection. This Milk of the Poppy candle is an elegant nod to the show and a relaxing gift for your recipient to enjoy the next time the show gets too intense.

16. The Trivia Junkie's Perfect Gift

Game Of Thrones: The Trivia Game, $28.99, Amazon

If your friend throws a watch party for every premiere, they need this game. Clearly, they have hosting in their blood and they deserve the chance to prove they could sit the Iron Throne if there was a written test.

17. The Adult Coloring Book They Will Actually Use

The Official Game Of Thrones Coloring Book, $13.33, Amazon

Adult coloring books are everywhere now, but this is one your friend will actually love. The pictures are intricate and full of famous scenes from the show, plus it is an excellent stress reliever. If you get stuck, this gift will please every Game of Thrones fan on your list.

Now put down that DVD you were planning to buy and get every Game of Thrones fan something they will love as much as Melisandre loves R'hllor this year.

Images: HBO; Amazon (10); Redbubble (4); Etsy (2); ThinkGeek