When Does The Urban Decay Black Friday Sale End? You Still Have Time To Shop

Extensions are great, whether it's for a deadline on a paper, a work project, your eyelashes, or your hair! But an extended makeup sale? Well, that's enough to send Beauty Junkies into a fit of shaking and crying. Urban Decay's Black Friday sale is still going strong, so I am going to grant you 60 seconds during which you can scream, sing, dance, and rejoice in any way you please. There is no sale shaming happening here, because you can and should take advantage of the deep discount. The brand is offering a 20 percent discount and free shipping as part of its Black Friday promotion. How long do you have to stock up on any of the available NAKED items, Vice lipsticks, the gunmetal makeup brushes, and more? When does Urban Decay's Black Friday sale end?

According to an email blast the brand sent out to subscribers on Saturday, Nov. 26, the Black Friday sale runs through Saturday at midnight PT, which is 3 a.m. ET on Sunday, Nov. 27. So you have the rest of the day to shop. It's a healthy chunk of additional time during which you can enjoy the deep discount, but it's not going to last forever. So head over to the Urban Decay site and use the sale offer for yourself or the makeup maven in your life.

Here are some shopping suggestions!

Here is the screen grab of the details — savings on the products themselves and the shipping. There's your code, too!

And this is the screen grab of the fine print.

You cannot go wrong with 20 percent off any of the brand's palettes.

Enjoy the Urban Decay Black Friday sale before Cyber Monday gets here. You got this.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (3)