What's In ColourpPop's Peachy Keen & Just Peachy Bundles? Your Eyes & Lips Are Covered

If it seems like every time you click onto the ColourPop site there's a new kit, you're not wrong. The makeup brand has been rolling out new items all throughout the holiday season, and it looks like they're not finished yet. ColourPop created two new peach-themed sets for the holidays. What's in the Peachy Keen and Just Peachy Bundles, you ask? These two products are a neutral color-lovers dream.

ColourPop is a pro at putting together bundles. Their recently launch is proof of that. It's no secret that the makeup company loves bundling together similar shades, and they've done it again. The first is Just Peachy — a trio of lip colors that you've seen before. It's got Screenshot, Instigator, and Speed Dial. This kit might not feature completely new products, but it's definitely one to stock up on.

The next is an eyeshadow quad called Peachy Keen. Unlike the other set, it does have a new color inside. While Crimper, Cornelious, and Bandit are all available as separately, Kennedy — a mid-tone peach — was created specifically for this kit. Whether you're looking to stock up on lip or eye products, you can't go wrong with either of these kits.

Peachy Keen, $15, colourpop.com

Ready for the best part? Now through Nov. 27 at 7pm EST, they're both available for $15 each. That's pretty darn affordable, people. It's not clear how long these two stocking stuffers will be around. Fingers crossed that they stick around for a while though.

Peachy Keen, $15, colourpop.com

The sale makes the shadows just $4 each. Normally, they're sold for $5 each or $18 a bundle. As of now, you aren't able to buy Kennedy on its own either. So this set is definitely worth the buy.

Just Peachy, $15, colourpop.com

This trio of lippies offer two Ultra Matte Lips and on Ultra Satin Lip. They normally sell for $6 each, but the set outs them at $5 each instead. Plus you can never go wrong with a great group of neutrals.

I don't know about you, but I'd love either of these stuffed in my stocking!

Images: ColourPopCosmetics/Instagram (1), ColourPop (2)