Insanely Awesome Gifts For YA Readers

The YA fan is a complex being, made up of too many feelings and an undying need for more and more books. I know this because I'm one of them. Young adult is a genre of books, but it's also grown into a community of sorts which makes it extra special, and more of a part of life than a hobby or anything else. From one YA fan to another, or complete newbie to the topic, I suggest treating a fellow YA fan this holiday with an extra book-inspired gift.

The YA lover in your life would without a doubt adore you forever and always if you recognized this passion of his or hers in a gift, even if it is the book she's been wanting for weeks or another Harry Potter inspired item. While books are without a doubt one of the best gifts any reader can receive, it's not always easy to pick the perfect book without getting inside that reader's mind. That's why I'd suggest a unique and personal item inspired from books — a gift that'll inspire smiles all around.

There are so many different fandoms and YA inspired gifts out there to choose from, so to help you out, I've narrowed the search down to a few, absolutely perfect and unique gifts to give this year. From accessories to new bookshelves and so much more, here are some fun ideas to consider when shopping for the YA fan(s) in your life this holiday season:

1. An OwlCrate Subscription

Any YA book fan will be grateful for this monthly gift. It includes brand new books but it also comes complete unique items that book-lovers will adore.

OwlCrate, $29.99/mo, Owl Crate

2. These Amazing Harry Potter Inspired Tights

These tights make a bold fashion statement, and they also let the world know you're a Potterhead. Win/win.

Harry Potter Tights, $23, Etsy

3. A Katniss-Inspired Wrap

While The Hunger Games may not be all the rage this year, most YA lovers will never let go of Katniss' badass story or their unique style. With this cowl, you'll keep the reader in your life warm and thankful she's not living in Panem.

Crochet Huntress Crossbody Cowl, $65, Etsy

4. This Perfect Purple Tank Top

With this shirt, your favorite YA book fanatic can tell everyone what makes them happy without even having to lift their head out of a book (which is basically a dream come true).

YA Tank Top, $18, Etsy

4. Their Favorite YA Book As An Ornament

Gift them an ornament-version of their favorite book (then buy them a book to put underneath the tree.)

Fangirl Book Ornament, $15, Etsy

5. This Honest Coffee Mug

The reason readers are always so tired? We stay up past our bedtime, and we need a lot of coffee to catch up on day-to-day activities.

11 oz Mug, $12, Society 6

6. Some Invisible Book Shelves

New YA books are constantly making us YA readers need more and more shelves, so these easy to put up and unique looking invisible bookshelves are a great solution.

Invisible Bookshelf (2), $16.99, Amazon

7. A Comfortable Relaxing Reading Chair

While this is a bit of splurge, if you want to go for it, I can guarantee the YA reader in your life would be forever grateful for this comfy, relaxing, rocking and reading chair.

Rocking Chair, $81.95, Etsy

8. A Signed John Green Poster

John Green is the king of YA, and this SIGNED poster will win the heart of any YA lover.

Signed My Thoughts Are Stars Watercolor Poster, $16, DFTBA

9. Some YA Book Inspired Shoes

How cute are these?! If you know a Rainbow Rowell fan, these shoes make an adorable and thoughtful gift.

Eleanor & Park Shoes, $38, Etsy

10. A Candle Scented Like A Favorite Character

Blue from The Raven Cycle Series is easily one of my favorite YA characters of all time, and this candle is definitely on my wish-list. If you know any Maggie Stiefvater fans, this is a must-buy.

The Raven Cycle Inspired Candle, $10, Etsy

11. A Pillow Cover For A Book Queen

No reading nook is complete without plenty of throw pillows.

Throw Pillow Cover, $16, Society 6

12. A Necklace for the Lunar Chronicle Fanatic

The perfect gift for fans of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series.

Lunar Chronicle Keychain Necklace , $11+, Etsy

13. A Court of Mist and Fury Poster

Sarah J. Maas' book gets the artistic treatment in this beautiful print.

A Court of Mist and Fury Print, $12, Etsy

14. Luna Lovegood Inspired Earrings

These radish earrings will appeal to your friend who turns to Luna Lovegood for fashion inspiration.

Harry Potter Inspired Earrings, $7, Etsy

15. A Pair of Warm Bookish Socks

Most readers adore soft, warm, and cute socks to read in. And if you know of a YA reader who posts on Instagram, showing off their newest read and YA inspired outfit, this is the absolute perfect gift for them.

Hobby and Job Socks, $8, Amazon

16. A Book Tote Full Of New Books

Fill a cute tote bag like this one with the newest YA novels, or even a gift card to a local bookstore.

I'd Rather Be A Wizard Tote Bag, $11.47+, Etsy

17. Personalized Book Nerd Bookmark

Let the YA book lover in your life embrace their inner nerd with this cute, customizable wooden bookmark to keep their reading spot safe wherever they may go.

Wooden Engraved Bookmark, $9,62+, Etsy

Images: TightsShop, hookandhoot, InkdDesignStudio, ClayPastures, PaintedFandomShoes, loving2angels, booksaremyforte, fableandblack, IngrainedInc/Etsy; Society6