Get the 'Breaking Bad' Score On Vinyl to Re-Live Those Near Heart-Attack Moments

Want to re-create the near heart-attack experience you had when you followed Walter White's journey while staying classy and old school? The Breaking Bad original score will be available on vinyl and in wide release. You'll soon be able to have the opportunity to host a party and accompany the festivities with the music of "Jesse Smoking Pot!" Breaking Bad (Original Score From The Television Series) is a double LP that will be available on April 29 (but you can pre-order it here) that will feature the most musically stirring moments from the show — in other words, the moments when you thought it would be okay to never go to a spin class again because watching Breaking Bad served as cardiovascular exercise. (Hey, it got your heart rate up, didn't it?)

The album, which will be released via SpaceLab9 and Madison Gate records, was previously available in limited release by SpaceLab9 as a double disc. The album was only available at Hot Topic, meaning only angry teens from 1998 were able to get their hands on it.

This, however, will be a real treat for fans, who, despite the show's near-perfect ending, still may not be entirely over the fact that this excellent drama is no longer running. It will feature extensive liner notes from creator Vince Gilligan and composer David Porter, alongside some great images from the AMC series and a poster. Fans of the show will definitely enjoy revisiting those memorable — if difficult to watch — moments from the show.

Want to get an idea of just how intense this listening experience will be? (That's right, experience — a vinyl album suggestions a full-on experience.) Check out the full track listing below — surely some of these titles will jog your memory.

1. "Breaking Bad Main Title Theme" (extended)2. "Matches in the Pool"3. "Smoking Jesse’s Pot"4. "Gray Matter"5. "The Morning After"6. "Three Days Out"7. "Vent"8. "Baby’s Coming"9. "Jane’s Demise"10. "The Cousins"11. "Hank in Pursuit"12. "The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme)"13. "Searching for Jesse"14. "Aztek"15. "Four Corners/Waiting for the End"16. "Jesse in Mexico"17. "Crawl Space"18. "Parking Garage Standoff"19. "Cleaning House"20. "Disassemble"

Pro tip? Don't play "Jane's Demise" as background music when your significant other comes over for the first time.

Image: AMC