Why Taking Selfies During Your Vacation Could Be Key To Making It As Memorable As Possible

Planning a vacation takes a bit of work, from picking the perfect destination to packing the most important essentials. But according to a new study by HomeAway and the University of Texas, there's also another key factor that will help make your trip unforgettable: selfies — and lots of 'em!

Researchers surveyed over 700 vacationers from six different countries — including the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Spain and Italy — all throughout the duration of their trips. In addition to the survey, participants were also asked to download an app that recorded the amount of time each spent on their devices during their trip. The result? It turns out the more photos you take, the more memorable your vacay will be.

As the team’s research concluded, travelers who take selfies and other snapshots are able to remember their vacations up to 40 percent better than those who avoid cameras. The gap grows even wider for those who go the extra mile and share their travel photos on social media or in another online forum. But while pictures are a great way to commemorate your trip, it's important not to get too snap-happy. As with everything else in life, photo-taking is best in moderation. Case-in-point? The survey found that people who use electronic devices for upwards of two hours a day are 26 percent less likely to remember the details of their trip.

The study also delivered plenty of other interesting findings about how to create a more memorable vacation, as chronicled in the video below. Among them? People who travel with a friends and family — as opposed to just friends, just family, with a significant other or alone — are 20 percent more likely to remember their vacations. Meanwhile, budget doesn't play much of a factor. Your trip won't be necessarily more memorable just because you spent $8,000 instead of $800.

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So there you have it. The key to a great trip isn't a sky-high budget or a suitcase perfectly packed outfits. It's all about traveling the right group of companions — and bringing along a good camera to document all your adventures!

Images: Unsplash.com/Pexels