How Long Will 'The Flash' & 'Supergirl' Crossover Last? They're Not The Only Heroes Teaming Up This Week

The first crossover between all of The CW's superhero shows is finally happening this season, and it all began when characters from The Flash traveled to Supergirl on Monday, Nov. 28. But how long will The Flash and Supergirl crossover last? What makes this crossover so special is that it's expanded to four full nights of heroic excitement, from Monday night all the way through The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow wrapping up the crossover event on Thursday, Dec. 1. This week, the characters are going to be teaming up to face aliens called the Dominators (a Cisco nickname, perhaps?), with four nights in a row of crossover moments that will bring out the best of each teams of heroes.

Technically, most of the Supergirl episode didn't feature the Dominators, but I hope you tuned in anyway, because the show usually puts together pretty entertaining episodes. And, as the newest entry to The CW (Season 1 was on CBS and was a less-frequent crossover subject) fans of the other heroes might want a refresher on what Kara, Mon-El, and the rest of the crew were doing before Barry showed up to kick off the crossover.

But Barry and Kara won't be enough to solve the issue, since Arrow's Oliver Queen will be roped in as well on Wednesday night. Oliver and Barry share a universe, though they live in different cities and don't often cross paths. But once those two episodes get going, you'll need to keep watching in order to figure out what's going on by the time the Legends of Tomorrow episode takes over and concludes to Dominators storyline. Instead of separate characters confined to their own story, it's a true, ongoing crossover where the events of one show have a real impact on the others.

It's also interesting that The CW is mixing up all four shows in each episode, rather than only featuring a handful of characters in each. Judging from the trailer above, it looks like the Legends' time and space traveling antics will be what catches the Dominators' attention, while Flash will be the first to travel through time in order to ask for Supergirl's help. And, of course, as the resident bajillionaire, Oliver Queen and the rest of Team Arrow will be crucial to figuring out how to stop them. If you're not already a huge fan of these four shows, you'll need to watch them all in order to follow this crossover to its heart-pounding conclusion.

Image: Michael Courtney/The CW