You Wish You Were On This Plane

No song is as epic or exciting than "Circle Of Life" from Disney's The Lion King. Admittedly, I'll even use the song for my morning alarm, or even as a send-off song before my friends and I head out on the weekends. Seriously, just try to not let it improve your day. So when the Australian cast of Disney On Broadway's The Lion King sat in their seats in coach on a flight, they found it only necessary to burst out into the famous song.

As seen in this awesome YouTube video, the cast members' spontaneous break out into song is met with priceless reactions from unsuspecting passengers on the flight. This sort of in-air treatment even makes the extra baggage fees worth it, no? Sign me up for all flights with these amazing performers!

Though some of the video is from the perspective of one of the cast members, a kind flight attendant takes her phone and films the action from the front of plane, providing a view of both the lively singers and appreciative passengers.

After watching the video through, you'll be wishing every flight comes with a musical cast instead of a complimentary snack.

Image: Disney on Broadway/Youtube