Cynthia Confides In Her Ex, Leon Robinson & The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Might Be Starting A New Life

In a largely undramatic Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Cynthia Bailey is keeping her business in the family, by inviting her daughter Noelle to be the face of her new Cynthia Bailey Eyewear campaign. And since she'd rather be sitting on her phone than pounding the pavement, it doesn't seem like Noelle will be quite as talented as her mom when it comes to marketing herself. But what was clear is that when Cynthia and her ex, Leon connected over her divorce from Peter, that Cynthia has some serious chemistry with her ex.

I've always though that Leon seemed like a better match for Cynthia than Peter (good riddance), so I'm glad that the family could all be there together and work on Cynthia's product launch together. And while it seems like Cynthia is still based in Atlanta for now, it does put some gossip from outlets like Centric that suggested Cynthia Bailey was going to be leaving Atlanta and moving to Los Angeles to be with Leon. At the time, the rumors didn't seem to make any sense, and now, months later, they do. Noelle is thinking about going to college there, the two parents have always been friends, and now, Cynthia is doing more business out there. And lots of other fans are also convinced that Cynthia and Leon make a great pair, by the way.

There's consensus that in her post-divorce life, Cynthia should give a relationship with Leon another shot. But even if she's not interested in giving her ex another shot, they do make for a wonderful, photogenic family, especially when their daughter is in the picture. Because while Noelle might not be an awesome model, and Leon might not have been the best romantic partner, and Cynthia impulsively married Peter in order to make a point, these three definitely have a lot of love for one another. Believing that Cynthia and Leon are dating may just be wish fulfillment, but maybe the fans know best and they should give it a shot.