When Does The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Work At SUR? Don't Expect To See Them All At Once

Since Vanderpump Rules burst onto the reality television scene back in 2013, fans have been flocking to SUR in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the cast in their natural habitat. Who wouldn't want to get a drink from Tom and Ariana or be served appetizers by Katie (and maybe ask her for makeup tips)? At the beginning of the Bravo series' run, fans might've been happily surprised to see that this cast of beautiful hooligans actually worked in the restaurant on any given night, but lately, it looks like some fans have been disappointed after making a trip to SUR specifically to see their favorite reality stars. To avoid being letdown, you probably want to know when the cast of Vanderpump Rules actually works at SUR before you start looking for reservations.

Unfortunately, I don't have each of the SURvers' work schedules handy (shocking, I know), but they have recently commented about this and given fans insight into how often they are actually schilling martinis and apps. Like most reality television stars, this cast has figured out that they can easily parlay their show's success into some pretty lucrative deals outside of the restaurant. We have all seen stars from The Bachelor selling products on their Instagram accounts. Gummy bear hair vitamins, anyone?

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When Vanderpump Rules first premiered, the cast was legitimately making ends meet. The series even documented their small apartments and financial struggles in some episodes, and the video above features Tom Sandoval demonstrating how to make a signature drink. In 2013, OK! Magazine interviewed Scheana and Stassi about whether the show was true to life and if they actually worked as servers at SUR. Stassi opened up about her job and said, "It’s so weird, because every single table that I serve has seen the show. So they already have an opinion about me, and they’re normally not good opinions.” Way back then, it was probably just as shocking for the cast to be recognized as it was for fans to be served by them.

Of course, the new doors that have opened up for this cast of would-be models/actors/actresses are making it a little difficult to maintain a full-time job as a server these days. Scheana probably gave fans the clearest answer on the situation when someone on Twitter asked her when the cast would be at SUR. According to her response, the cast never works together unless they are filming. So, if you are looking to see everyone at once and live out your own theme song/introduction fantasy (just once, let me casually toss my purse, while walking into the place), then you are probably out of luck.

Jax did a Reddit AMA during Season 3 and was open about the fact that he has a lot of other things going on besides the restaurant. When a fan asked what days he works at SUR, he said, "The show is taking up a lot of my time right now, my businesses are taking a ton of time. When i have a chance to go in, I do." So, it seems like they can kind of float in and out of their jobs there.

A look at the cast's Instagrams may give you a little bit of an idea of how often they are actually working. Most of them don't have a whole lot of work-related photos, especially recently. But just because they have limited their time on the clock at SUR doesn't mean that they aren't hanging there in their off-time. Just a week ago, Katie posted this photo of the gang enjoying a meal at the restaurant and she captioned it with some serious love.

SUR will always be a place for the cast to gather and though they may still be technically employed there, I wouldn't count on strolling in to see them all working together at any given time — unless you're lucky enough to stop in while they're filming Vanderpump Rules. Still, the possibility of catching a glimpse of one of the cast members is definitely high, so you might as well try your luck.

Image: Cindy Ord/Bravo