What's In Topshop's 2016 Holiday Beauty Collection? It Doesn't Get Much More Festive Than This

MAC Cosmetics may have the lock on this year's Nutcracker theme, but Topshop's 2016 holiday beauty collection definitely got the memo on sugar plum dreams. The collection is brimming with plums, berries, and purples, and paired with the sparkle of a smokey gray shadow or ethereal frosted highlighter, the collection is the ideal thing to finish off your holiday look with. Even if it's 50 degrees out, it can be winter on the eyes. Featuring products at $40 dollars tops, what's in Topshop's 2016 holiday beauty collection will have you passing up the trendiest velvet crop top for more time in their beauty section.

And a quick note on the packaging: Glitz. Glitz, deeply, with a combo of sparkly gold and snow white that'll have the most minimal Instagrammer looking for photo ops. Guard your marble. But thankfully, this isn't one of those ultra-high end sitchs where you're paying for weighted hardware — meaning you can throw it in your bag on New Year's and skip the stress if it somehow doesn't make it back. No lipsticks left behind, generally, but things happen.

The collection puts the emphasis on sticks and sets, so that on-go-scenario is all the more likely. Glimpse the Limited Edition Smokey Eye Kit, below, complete with Topshop's 3D Curve Mascara, Kohl in Coal, and two limited edition Smoke Sticks in Fraught and Drift, a copper and gunmental gray.

Limited Edition Smokey Eye Kit, $34, Topshop.com

If you wear eyeshadow approximately two times a year and New Year's isn't one of them, the pared-down Limited Edition Mascara & Kohl Kit (Kohl in Coal, my favorite homophones) makes a lot of sense.

Limited Edition Mascara & Kohl Kit, $20, Topshop.com

Put the Lumee down. You've got your light wherever you go with the gold-tilt Limited Edition Highlighter in Stardust.

Limited Edition Highlighter in Stardust, $16, Topshop.com

Limited Edition Matte Bullet in Fling, $10, Topshop.com

Terracotta nude Fling is a matte take on Topshop's cream lip formula, blendable, soft focus and gloriously cheap.

Limited Edition Mini Lip Bullet in Pash, $10, Topshop.com

While mauvey pink Pash is a go-to year round.

Limited Edition Mini Lip Bullet in Covert, $10, Topshop.com

And with plum Covert, your moves will be anything but.

The collection is already selling out, down nine items from its original 15. The mark of a good selection, and also regret that you didn't get there first. Catch 'em while you can.

Images: Courtesy Brand