Katy Perry Dresses Up As A Gingerbread Man Because She's Already Way More Ready For Christmas Than You

Is it just me, or has Katy Perry seriously had an outfit for everything lately? I wasn't sure she'd be able to top her truly amazing election day ensemble, but now that it's officially the holiday season, it looks like I was wrong. On Sunday, Perry was spotted boarding a plane dressed as a gingerbread man, which brings us to one of two conclusions: Either she's jetting off to work at the North Pole, or she's already winning Christmas even though Thanksgiving only happened a few days ago. And being that it's still November, I'm hoping that this sighting is just a preview of what she has in store over the next month.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the paparazzi photo was snapped as Perry was leaving Van Nuys, California, and she's wearing a one-piece gingerbread man costume (possibly pajamas?), which looks pretty much exactly like it sounds... complete with what looks like a headpiece that she wasn't wearing at the time. As per usual, her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, was with her, but unfortunately, he was not in costume, gingerbread or otherwise. But it's fine, really, because Perry's outfit more than made up for it — and it looked like the coziest option for air travel, so she might actually be onto something here.

Being that my Christmas tree is already up and fully decorated, I figured that I was full of the holiday spirit, but nope, not like this lady. No matter how ready for Christmas you think you are, there's Perry, flying through the air dressed as a gingerbread man, more ready for the holidays than the rest of us will ever be. It's the image, both mental and physical, that none of us realized we truly needed.

Plus, after she pulled off that amazing Hillary Clinton costume for Halloween, I should have expected this. Her outfits have been on point lately, and she deserves all the credit for it. My only regret is that there aren't more photos of her all dressed up, but I get it — when I'm about to be on a plane for awhile, I'm not in photo mode. I'm in "don't look at me" mode and hiding from cameras at all costs.

Maybe this will be a new tradition? Forget seeing Santa at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade — seeing Katy Perry in her gingerbread man outfit is the real start of the Christmas season. Now all I need is for Bloom to get in the spirit. He'd look awesome in a red suit.