Stephanie Has A Romance In 'Fuller House' Season 2 & Jodie Sweetin Says It Brings Out A New Side Of The Character

Waaaake up, America! The Tanner family is officially returning for Season 2 of Fuller House, which means fans get more episodes, more hijinks, more love triangles, and all the fun nostalgia of our favorite 1990s sitcom. Of course, viewers have a lot of unanswered questions from the first season. While one can't count on all of them getting answered, fans can look forward to seeing more of wild child Stephanie and her love life. Will Stephanie have a romance in Season 2? DJ has two men interested in her, Kimmy is on-again, off-again with Fernando, and even Kimmy's daughter Ramona seems to have found herself a little crush — it should be Aunt Stephanie's turn!

Fortunately, at a Netflix junket, Jodie Sweetin dished to Bustle about plans for Season 2 — and she is optimistic about seeing more of Stephanie's future. "Steph gets a little more grounded this season," Sweetin tells Bustle. "She kind of gets more into the family life, more into settling down and being in one spot for a while, which is different for Stephanie. Her life over the past few years, she's been traveling the world. So, settling into family life is a new venture for her."

I'll say. Stephanie is clearly the Uncle Jesse of this generation, but even Uncle Jesse found his grounding eventually, with Aunt Becky. So, who will be Stephanie's lucky love interest? And will she have to go through all the hurdles of finding private moments in a house where everyone lives on top of each other?


"She gets into a relationship, so it's fun to kind of explore the other side of Stephanie a little more and have her a little bit more quiet, and not quite as crazy," says Sweetin. Of course, that's all Bustle could get out of the actress when it came to scoop, but, no matter who she dates, Stephanie will have to address her fertility issues if she plans on getting serious with them.

"As an actor, you have fun doing sitcom and it's silly and it's crazy and it's over the top, but at the end of the day, I'm an actor and I really like to get to do something serious and have that moment," Sweetin said, when talking about the quieter plot line of the first season, when it was revealed that Stephanie can't have children. "I think it brought a great moment of realism and a sister relationship to the show that we haven't really dealt with before, and it was a beautiful moment to get to play with Candace [Cameron Bure]."

Nonetheless, Sweetin has definitely given some thought to where her character might be after all these years. "Once we started talking about bringing it back, it was like, 'Oh, OK, well let's put some thought into where these people have been and what they've been doing with their lives.'"

Fans can see how things shape up for Stephanie in Season 2 when it premieres on Netflix, Dec. 9.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix; Giphy (2)