Are The Kylie Cosmetics Brushes Sold Out? Move Fast, Fans

Kylie Cosmetics' product launches have been next level as of late. From her fall lip kit launches to the massive number of new products in the Holiday Edition Collection, there's no lack of new, must-have goodies. Now, the Kylie Cosmetics' brushes are here, but have they sold out already? It looks like fans may still have a chance to snag these first of their kind Kylie Cosmetics-approved tools.

The set of five eye brushes debuted as an early Cyber Monday perk with the brand, and it's the first set of tools Kylie Jenner has released. While some may have expected such a new product from the brand to have a hefty price tag, the brushes are actually very affordable. With a total cost of $35, they break down to only about $7 per brush — what a steal!

Plus, since the brushes are still available, they qualify for Jenner's Cyber Monday Sale. That means that they're reduced from their already affordable price point of $35 to $28 thanks to the brand's 20 percent off Cyber Monday sale. If I had to guess, though, they won't last much longer. Considering that they're now practically the price of a lip kit, fans won't be passing them up.

Fans are definitely already taking advantage of the sale, too. Whether they're Christmas presents or moments of treating yourself, Jenner fanatics are definitely making some serious purchases.

Some fans are even bundling up Jenner's latest releases. Alongside her launch of the brushes, Jenner began selling the now famous Kylie Cosmetics stocking on its own as well. That means fans could get double the amount of new products.

If you want to snag the new Kylie Cosmetics' brushes, they're still available. However, I'd move fast. My guess is that they'll sell out soon. Plus, who doesn't want to take advantage of 20 percent off due to Cyber Monday? This launch is too good to pass up.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram