What Do the New 'Breaking Bad' Images Tell Us?

At this point, Breaking Bad has become crueler than a meth kingpin holding some Lily of the Valley. Because, while we're still one month away from the Aug. 11 premiere, the series continues to release teaser after teaser after teaser, all of which have unveiled little more than the fact that Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walt (Bryan Cranston) are two people who still exist on television. (And the fact that both actors were nominated for Emmys Thursday only whets our appetites more.)

I'd like to say that that has changed with the release of new images from the Season 5 (Part 2) premiere. But, unfortunately, things are just as clear as Badger's brain after a bong hit. Which is to say, things are still quite muddled. What do we learn from the new images? Nothing, but let's try to come up with something to make us feel like they were worth it.

Saul has a hard time explaining to Jesse why he deserves his own spin-off. Maybe Jesse's having a tough time understanding because of all the meth, or maybe it's because he simply remembers Joey.

"Oh, I know, we would have all preferred to watch Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. "

Things are either going really, really wrong in Jesse's head, or really, really well below the belt.

Please tell us this is all leading to a Jesse pizza-toss scene.

Big Season 5 spoiler: Jesse really likes sitting.

Unsurprisingly, the sole shot featuring Bryan Cranston's Walter White reveals the most about the premiere — Jesse's close to tears (or high), and has clearly given up on accepting Walt as the worst father figure since Michael Lohan. Does Jesse revile the man who has murdered, poisoned, and ruined perfectly good pizza enough to turn him in? If Season 5 doesn't end with a sober Jesse taking a job at a foster care center, I will eat Skinny Pete's hat.

Images: AMC