28 Relatable Quotes From 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Let's be honest — Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life emotionally destroyed all of us in some way, shape or form. There were moments of complete, earth-shattering heartbreak, moments that made fans laugh out loud, moments that were totally cringeworthy (I'm lookin' at you, steam punk Life and Death Brigade sequence) and, like in the original series, moments that fans related to more than we would care to admit. There were quotes from almost every Gilmore Girls character that felt completely relatable in one way or another, and that's why the show is so great.

While not every moment from the revival hit home for me (take the time when the bird started speaking to Rory), the real conversations and the real worries that plagued Rory, Lorelai, Emily and the gang made me start yelling, "Preach!" at my television. This show has a way of making you feel like you are a part of its world, with conflict that seems all too real. Each one of the below Gilmore Girls quotes is so, so relatable.

1. The Familiar Conflict

"The DVR is completely full. I have no idea what any of these things are."- Luke

If you live with a significant other, then you know how real this situation is.

2. The Bedtime Struggle

"I like my pajamas all crumpled up, on the chair, all ready for bed. Not suffocating in a drawer"- Lorelai

Again, if you live with a significant other who happens to enjoy things tidy, then you know this struggle. I like my clothes where I can see them. Why is this so hard to understand?

3. When You Feel That Clock Tickin' Away

"I've been kind of feeling my own mortality lately."- Lorelai

I think that every one of us can relate to this feeling. Every once in a while, the reality that life ends can sneak up on you and make you want to book a cruise. It's alarming, but it is nice to know that Lorelai also feels this impending doom every now and then.

4. We Have All Been There

"It was late and there was scotch"-Lorelai

Any story that begins this way usually ends badly.

5. The Feeling Of Loss

"I don't know how to do it. Live my life."- Emily

Most of us know what it is like to lose someone we love. Emily explaining that she didn't know how to function without Richard is so heart-wrenching because it's so relatable. Sometimes loss can make the world stop for a little while.

6. When You Have No Idea What You Actually Did

"That was a blanket apology, I think that's very generous!"- Lorelai

Blanket apologies are the universe's wild cards. They cover all and you are lucky that you are getting that much, OK?

6. I Mean, Same

"What's going to get you through the tough times?"-Emily

"My Wonder Woman stamina and a box of Twinkies"- Lorelai

I feel like that is literally all I ever need in this world.

7. Such An Accurate Description Of The Real World

"Kill or be killed... and I am not talking the art of war. Oh no, that's a tiptoe through the tulips compared to what you're going to find beyond these walls"- Paris

There is no better character than Paris and her truth bombs are utterly magical. That is life in a nutshell, kids.

8. When Food Is Life

"Not smelling like garlic is way overrated if you ask me"- Rory

I have never felt more understood in my entire life.

9. When You Turn Into A 16-Year-Old Again

"My hands are shaking, my heart if pounding. God, I thought I was over this."- Paris

Ah, the feeling of seeing a childhood crush as an adult. It is super fun to be catapulted back into your awkward, angsty, self conscious adolescent mind, huh?

10. When You Think The Real World Is Cake

"I was impatient, I wanted to get out into the world"- Rory

Every. College. Grad. Ever.

11. Emily Knows My Soul

"I certainly don't need to pay someone not to agree with me"- Emily

Same, Emily. Same.

12. The Harsh Reality Of Loss

"I was at the inn, working on the books a little, using the calculator on my phone and it rang. It was mom, with the news. He was in the ICU, heart attack, big one and we hung up and my phone went back to being a calculator. It just seemed so unreal."- Lorelai

Again, this revival nailed the true weight of the loss of a loved one. Somehow the world around you keeps moving but it just doesn't feel right.

13. When Your Love Life Is A Dumpster Fire

"My love life is a disaster"- Rory

Legitimately everyone has felt this way at some point.

14. Real World

"I'm blowing everything. My life , my career...I'm flailing and I don't have a plan or a list or a clue."- Rory

That terrified feeling when you don't immediately have a plan and things don't fall into line. Rory is all of us, guys.

15. We All Have That One Outfit

"I need that outfit. It gives me confidence."- Rory

Everyone has that particular outfit or that certain pair of shoes that just makes you feel powerful and savage.

16. When You Take A Life Detour

"I'm feeling very lost these days. This whole year, it's like the ground's made of straw and i'm just going to fall through."- Rory

That moment that everything seems way more dramatic than it really is.

17. The Reality Of Living With Another Human

"Ugh, we get through one episode then half of another, then he gets tired and falls asleep. Then he won't watch it again until a week later, at which point he has not only forgotten the first half of the abandoned episode, he forgot the one we watched before that entirely , then we have to start all over again."- Lorelai

I was watching this with my husband and we both were stunned at the reality of this conversation. It is so real. So real that I feel like Amy Sherman-Palladino knows where I live.

18. Walking Is The Worst

"This walking thing is for chumps."- Rory

I mean, this is just science.

19. That Habit You Need To Break

"I just called Logan! It just happened, like a reflex!"- Rory

Ugh, we have all had these people in our lives. Just insert you chosen toxic relationship in place of "Logan" in that sentence.

20. The Truest Thing Ever Said

"This adult stuff is hard, isn't it?"- Lane

Lane, you prophetic butterfly. There was not nearly enough Lane in the revival but when she was on screen, she spoke the gospel.

21. A True BFF Has Blind Loyalty

"No, I am protecting you for some reason."- Lane

Again, Lane nails this best friend thing.

22. That Moment You Realize You Have No Idea What You Are Doing

"I always thought I had insight. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, where I was going, what I was doing and why I was doing it, I was so sure. But lately, I don't know...things seem hazier. Plus there's the clocks ticking and milestones looming and there's Luke. Suddenly, I feel like I am standing still...like the whole world is moving and I am standing completely still."- Lorelai

Life throws everyone a curveball once in a while. It usually happens when you think you have it all figured out.

23. Coffee Is Life

"Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee."- Lorelai

I am coffee. Coffee is me.

24. Nature Is Magical

"Apparently, all you have to do is think about hiking and you smell."- Lorelai

Nature has a funny way of making you smell by just thinking about it. That is why I don't even think about it.

25. Emily Strikes Again With The Realness

"Bullsh*t!"- Emily

Emily Gilmore for president. Let's make this happen.

26. Raise Your Hand If You Have Been There

"There are moments where I'm lookin' around and just watching a bunch of people eat dirt and I think....Jonestown."- Sookie

I mean, I get it.

27. When Your Capacity For Sincerity Is Low

"Hey, you look good."-Jess


"I only do sincere once, man."-Jess

Sincerity can be fleeting. Understand that. One compliment and I am tapped out.

28. MmmHmmm

"So, you're over that?"-Luke

"Yup, long over."-Jess

Yeah, you are totally over it, right? Raise your hand if you have told this lie.

Gilmore Girls knows our lives all too well.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Netflix (28)