The 'White Rabbit Project' Trailer Shows The Netflix Series Is More Extreme Than 'Mythbusters' — VIDEO

Mythbusters was a groundbreaking and totally legendary show and, sadly, it ended earlier this year. The Discovery Channel series which tested popular questions, myths and urban legends lasted fourteen years and earned many fans. But don't fret, Mythbusters fans — the show will be getting a sort of rebirth on Netflix in the White Rabbit Project, featuring build team members from Mythbusters. Netflix's White Rabbit Project trailer was released on Monday and it shows that the series will be a lot like Mythbusters — but even more extreme. The nearly two-minute trailer got my heart racing. There's a giant flame thrower, a play-by-play of a highly efficient jailbreak, some sort of giant robot monster in a suit — this series is clearly going to be a whole lot of fun and excitement.

The trailer drescription on YouTube explains that the series will take "the coolest tech, the weirdest weapons, the craziest escapes." and "put them under a microscope" This series follows the heralded Mythbusters Build Team members Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara as they investigate some of the most bizarre events in world history, the sciences, and pop culture. The show isn't officially a spinoff of Mythbusters but it certainly feels like one — even some producers from Mythbusters are attached, including Yvette Solis, Martyn Ives, and John Luscombe. It seems like the show is going to be a lot like the series we're used to — the build team's chemistry is better than ever — but with way more extreme projects to explore on Netflix.

Netflix on YouTube

But this series has the added bonus of being on the streaming service, which gives it a certain freedom the series wouldn't have had on cable, so who knows what craziness will go down on White Rabbit Project? At one point in the trailer Kari Byron claims, "I've never sexed a cockroach either" — wait, what? This new Netflix reality series isn't your grandmother's reality show about disproving myths.

Netflix fans who miss Mythbusters can look forward to the White Rabbit Project, premiering on Dec. 9. Get ready to learn a lot and be entertained at the same time.

Images: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube