Catalina Has Got A Secret On 'Jane The Virgin'

Welp, it didn't take long for Jane the Virgin to reveal that Jane's newly discovered cousin Catalina can't be trusted. I mean, pretty much every fan of the CW series saw this coming, but still it's good to have it confirmed that Catalina is lying to Jane on Jane the Virgin. What's not so good? That Jane thinks she was in the wrong to be suspicious of Catalina as shown in "Chapter 51." At least Alba knows how to hold a grudge, so here's hoping she'll be able to help figure out why Catalina has involved herself with the Villanueva family.

After Catalina overstayed her welcome at Jane and Michael's new apartment (they're newlyweds with a teething baby after all!), she said she was going to go to New York City since she's a chair for a charity gala. However, Rafael offered for her to stay at the Marbella (I'm rolling my eyes over here), so she's still kicking it in Miami. Jane did some investigating and found out that Catalina wasn't a chair for the gala like she claimed to be. When she started interrogating Catalina about it, Jane saw that her cousin's purse was filled — like, legitimately filled — with cash and jewelry. Her curiosity got the best of her and Catalina caught her looking through her bag.

Catalina had a story immediately to explain the outrageous sums of money and even made Jane feel guilty about their struggling family in Venezuela. As Jane was busy feeling bad about being accusatory elsewhere, viewers got to see that Catalina was lying about the jewelry being family heirlooms. An older French man stopped by Catalina's hotel room and scolded her for stealing his mother's jewels. This man is presumably Igor, the guy Catalina had been speaking to on the phone earlier in the episode. He wasn't mad at Catalina for being a thief, instead he kissed her — what would Rafael say!?

While this brief interaction didn't provide any details on what Catalina is doing, we at least know that we're right to distrust her. She's most likely going to screw over Jane's family and Rafael at some point, so I'm rooting for Alba to unearth the truth. But until then, it seems like Catalina is a substitute for the shady dealings that Petra and her family are usually involved in.

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