Fall In Love With The 'La La Land' Soundtrack

La La Land is almost here! The Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone-starring musical extravaganza and Oscar favorite will open in limited release on Dec. 9, with a wide release the following week. But, no matter when you see it, one thing's for sure: you'll leave thoroughly in love with Gosling and Stone — ok, two things. When you see La La Land , you'll be desperate to get your hands on the soundtrack. In any musical, the soundtrack is crucial, as it allows you to relive the magic of the movie even if you're just listening to the songs. In anticipation of your desires, here's where you can get the La La Land soundtrack.

The official La La Land soundtrack isn't out yet, but you can pre-order the soundtrack on iTunes and receive one pre-released track, "City of Stars." The entire album will be fully available on Dec. 9 on the same day that it is released on CD. If you're more of a vinyl gal, a special LP of La La Land : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on Dec. 16. I know, that sounds like years from now, but while your music library waits for La La Land, you can listen to "City of Stars," a duet by Gosling and Stone, which, in addition to being available for download on iTunes, is currently streaming on Spotify and YouTube.

The songs on La La Land: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack were all composed by Justin Hurwitz with lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Hurwitz described the writing process of "City of Stars," describing it as an almost effortless process in an interview with Variety . "I was just composing it from an emotional place and thinking about the tone. I would say the tone is hopeful, but melancholy at the same time," Hurwitz said. He liked the fact that the song would mirror the experience of dreamers in Hollywood, like Sebastian (Gosling) and Mia (Stone). "You have these great moments and then you have these less great moments in life and in Los Angeles and we see it happen in the story," he added.

"City of Stars" is a recurring theme on the La La Land soundtrack, with three different versions of it appearing on the 15-song track list. Keeping it company are other original performances from Gosling and Stone, like "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)," which is featured is one of the film's trailers, and numbers from the score. There's even "Start A Fire," a performance from John Legend, who has a supporting role in the film.

Now, remember, the official La La Land soundtrack won't be released until Dec. 9, so save those pennies and start the countdown.

Images: Summit Entertainment