Paula Hawkins' New Book Is Coming Next Summer

Ever since The Girl on the Train took the world by storm in 2015, readers have clamored to know when Paula Hawkins' next book would hit store shelves. I'm pleased to announce that the wait is almost over, because Paula Hawkins' new book, Into the Water , is coming next summer from Riverhead Books.

Hawkins' debut thriller, The Girl on the Train , thrilled readers with the tale of two women trying to escape their pasts. Rachel is a recently divorced alcoholic, who, in order to avoid an awkward conversation with her roommate, continues to "commute" to work after losing her job. Each day, she rides the trains past the Hipwells' house and imagines what their life together must be like. But one of the Hipwells has a dark secret, and when Megan Hipwell becomes the subject of a highly publicized missing-persons case, morbid fascination compels Rachel to insert herself into the investigation.

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Now, the former romance writer is back at the thriller game with her new book, Into the Water. Hawkins' sophomore effort is a story of small-town politics, family secrets, and murder. A village is rocked when, over the course of several weeks, the bodies of a single mother and a teen girl turn up in the river nearby, and the ensuing investigation brings to light the twisted histories many would prefer to hide.

Pick up Paula Hawkins' new book, Into the Water , from your favorite bookstore on May 2.

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