How To Make Curls Last All Day, According To A Hairstylist Who Knows How To Make Waves

There's nothing quite like the confidence that an immaculately curled head of hair can create — that is, until it all deflates. If you're tired of having your waves die on you, then you need tips on how to make your curls last all day.

It's frustrating when you wake up an hour earlier than you're used to in order to throw your hair into hot rollers or battle it out with a barrel, only to have it all fall apart by the time it takes to leave your house and walk into the office — it's enough to make you question why you even bothered.

The reason your locks are losing their bounce might have something to do with the prep that goes into them — there are a lot of small steps that stylists take in order to give you curls that last well into the evening. If you're determined to learn their trade secrets and pull off the look yourself, keep reading. Below, experts explain how to make waves last all day and share their favorite tips — everything from which products to use to the nitty-gritty details that go into wrapping the actual locks. Never suffer another disappointing hair day again.

1. Make Sure Your Hair Is A 100 Percent Dry

Davines' Melu Hair Shield, $22, Amazon

In order to avoid frizzy or limp curls, make sure your hair is fully dry before diving in and curling. This means if you just took a shower and blow dried your hair and it's about 95 percent dry, it's still too damp.

"Always start with 100 percent dry hair that has been prepped with a heat protectant spray," Gretchen Zwisler, a Colorist at MAVEN Beverly Hills with writes in an email to Bustle. Zwisler recommends trying Davines' Melu Hair Shield, as the product will keep your hair silky and protect it from damage.

2. Use A Smaller Curling Iron

Rather than opting for huge waves, try using a smaller curling iron if you want your bounce to last. That way if a couple of curls loosen throughout the day, they won't be as noticeable. "I like a one inch barrel for short to medium length hair and a 1 1/2 inch for long hair," Zwisler says.

3. Section Off Your Hair

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In order to get tidy, salon-worthy curls, you're going to have to section off your hair rather than just choosing strands at random. "Section the hair into three horizontal sections leaving the bottom section out," Zwisler recommends.

4. Make Sure Not To Brush Out Your Hair Too Early

It might feel tempting to start de-coiling some tight curls, but Zwisler recommends waiting till the last step to do that. "Curl everything away from the face starting in the front. Do not brush or comb out your hair until you have curled the entire head," she shares. This way, all the curls have time to truly set, and you have time to grab the products you need for the next steps.

5. Let Your Hair Cool

Before attacking it with any hairspray or product, you need to give your hair a moment to lock in the curl. "Once you've finished all three sections, let your hair cool before touching or adding product. This helps the curl set and last," Zwisler points out.

6. Blast It With Dry Shampoo

Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo, $26, Amazon

Adding texture to your hair will help the curl last all day, and a great way to do that is with the help of dry shampoo. "Once your hair is cool, spray a volume texture spray or dry shampoo at your roots in the crown of your hair. Toddle the product through using your fingers as a comb. My go-to for this is Sachajuan's dry shampoo," Zwisler explains. Rather than using a comb, work the dry shampoo down with your fingers so as to keep the curls intact.

7. Spray It All To Finish

After you've added your dry shampoo, you're ready for your holding spray. "To finish, either lightly mist your hair with a workable hairspray, a beach salt spray, or a couple drops of an oil on your ends. Depending on how you want your final look," Zwisler shares.

Follow these steps and your curls will last you well into the end of the day and deflated locks will be a thing of the past.

Images: Walter Stitt/Unsplash Walgreens (1); Ulta (1); Sephora (1)