15 Plus Size Sweater Dresses To Keep You Cozy

What's warmer than a cozy sweater on a cold winter's day? A plus size sweater dress, that's what. This '90s trend is coming back full force for this season, and who doesn't love when a fashion trend is both stylish and comfortable? Plus, the sweater dress is a totally diverse wardrobe staple — instead of just being a longer length kind of jumper, these sweater dresses claim their right to being a garment all of their own.

From casual sweatshirt inspired designs to more classic silhouettes that will keep you warm by the fire and look great while you're doing it, this list has you covered. Hell, you can wear a different sweater dress every day for a week and still have one left over for laundry day. That is, if you're buying each and every sweater dress on this list. (Which you should, they're all gorgeous.)

So get those card details on hand and get ready to get comfortable, because this is one winter trend that will keep you warm and looking wonderful. The plus size sweater dress might just end up being the most-worn piece of your wardrobe this winter.

1. Off Shoulder Sweater Dress

Off Shoulder Sweater Dress (Available to 6x), $69, Torrid

This cream number is amazing — the only thing to worry about here would be the red wine you'll be drinking while wearing it.

2. Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress

Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress (Available to size 28), $38, ASOS

Bring your love of athleisure into the winter with this sweater dress.

3. Ribbed Zip Sweater Dress

Ribbed Sweater Dress (Available to 3x), $27, Rue21

A slightly more clingy kind of dress to show off that body without baring yourself to the elements.

4. Tie Neck Metallic Sweater Dress

Tie Neck Metallic Sweater Dress (Available to size 28), $90, Lane Bryant

Take your love of sweater dresses all the way to the staff Christmas party.

5. Plaid Sweater Dress

Plaid Sweater Dress (Available to 6x), $68.90,

Finally, a print! And a beautifully simple print at that.

6. Caged Back Sweater Dress

Caged Back Sweater Dress (Available to 3x), $27, Rue21

A subtle bit of detailing that will look stunning with your hair up.

7. Off Shoulder Sweat Dress

Off Shoulder Sweat Dress (Available to size 24), $34, ASOS

This it it: The casual sweater dress of your dreams.

8. Cold Shoulder Dress In Cashmere Mix

Cold Shoulder Dress In Cashmere Mix (Available to size 24), $49, ASOS

Just imagine how soft that cashmere blend is going to be.

9. Lace Up Sweater Dress

Lace Up Sweater Dress (Available to size 20), $45, Missguided

Kill two trends with one dress in this stunning number from Missguided.

10. Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

Cowl Neck Sweater Dress (Available to 3x), $19, Rue21

This simple gray dress will go with anything, which is useful when you have a million shoes and accessories you'd want to wear with it.

11. Knitted Fringe Dress

Knitted Fringe Dress (Available to size 22), $28, Simplybe

Because everyone loves a good fringe detailing.

12. Off Shoulder Sweater Dress

Off Shoulder Sweater Dress (Available to size 24), $90, Eloquii

A looser skirt for anyone who hates bodycon but loves comfort.

13. Fur Hood Sweatshirt Dress

Fur Hood Sweatshirt Dress (Available to 6x), $59, Torrid

Banish that hoodie to the back of your wardrobe and pair this dress with a leather jacket for ultimate cool girl chic.

14. Drape Neck Midi Sweater Dress

Drape Neck Midi Sweater Dress (Available to size 28), $90, Lane Bryant

This longer type of sweater dress is sure to keep you cozier than most.

15. Pinstriped Sweater Dress

Pinstriped Sweater Dress (Available to 3x), $21, Forever 21

A dress with pockets is automatically better than any other dress, fact.

If this list hasn't converted you to the life of sweater dress wearing, then you simply don't deserve to wear a sweater dress. This trend is for life, not just for Christmas.

Images: Courtesy Brands