Chris Pratt Compares Jennifer Lawrence’s Acting To Adele’s Singing & That Makes Perfect Sense

Close your eyes and picture your ideal three famous people to hang out with on a Friday night doing absolutely anything, and it's probably Chris Pratt, Adele, and Jennifer Lawrence, right? Of course it is. So the fact that Chris Pratt compared Jennifer Lawrence's acting to Adele's singing in a recent interview is huge. It not only makes me want to dive even deeper into my fantasy world to imagine chilling with that divine trio, but also has me on the edge of my seat to see Passengers, the movie that compelled Pratt to make that comparison.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait, is Passengers a musical? Why are we talking about singing at all?" In drawing a parallel between the two artists in his recent interview with British GQ, Pratt was complimenting not Lawrence's singing voice, but her raw acting ability. And, in fact, he's brutally honest about her talents in the voice department — or lack thereof — so you know you can believe him.

[Jennifer Lawrence] is truly one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She acts like Adele sings. You just sit back and you think, damn, some people… She’s a terrible singer! But she’s a wonderful actress. She could just do it. She could just turn it on and it strikes emotion in you, like some people can just open their mouths and sing.

I'm having trouble coping with just how huge this compliment is, so let's break it down. Basically Pratt is saying that at her core, Lawrence has this incredible gift in the form of acting, where she can just do it, and play your emotions like a talented puppet master, making you feel all sorts of things. Whether you're acting opposite her or watching her onscreen, you're feeling whatever she wants, really, just on a roller coaster of emotions. And it's similar to when you listen to an Adele album all the way through and you're like, "every single one of these songs is about me." With tears rolling down your face and yadda yadda yadda.

Pratt is saying that's the kind of skill set that Lawrence has when it comes to emoting and acting, and it's up there with Adele's vocal talents. Which is a biggie because she's one of the greatest living performers, in my humble opinion. NBD.

What this means about Lawrence's living legend status aside, how good is this movie going to be? When an acting performance is making a down-to-earth, rational guy like Pratt effuse the way he is over Passengers, you know you gotta get your butt to the theater to check this out. If even half of what the actor is gushing about is true, then this is going to be one of the performances of a lifetime for Lawrence, and you won't want to miss it.

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