10 Things That Are Worth Doing The Old Fashioned Way, According To Reddit

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll likely all tell you one thing in particular: I'm an old fashioned gal (or... just old). As such, you can probably imagine my delight when I found this AskReddit thread discussing things that are worth doing the old fashioned way: Finally! Kindred spirits who also enjoy doing things by hand and find certain kinds of technology mildly/horrifically irritating! We're a rare breed, but let me tell you — there's something special about going to the neighbor to ask for a cup of sugar, as opposed to texting your boyfriend in the next room telling him to go to the store and get it himself.

I don't think it's that us old fogies are necessarily opposed to more modern ways of doings things; ridesharing, Google Maps, and social media have certainly gotten my behind out of a jam more than once. Personally, I think it's more hardwired into our brains. Somewhere around 2005, my brain was like, "I'll just stop right here, thanks," and, well... here we are.

There are many things still totally worth doing the old fashioned way: Going to a library and checking out books, renting a movie from the video store, and these 10 things, according to the users of AskReddit. Head on over to the full thread for more

— because if any of these things sound like you, you're definitely not alone.

1. Listening To A Different Kind Of Station

Sometimes I accidentally flip to AM radio and my ears start to bleed. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

2. Taking Notes The Long Way

I did this in college too, mostly because what started out as taking notes in my word processor somehow always turned into Facebooking my ex's new girlfriend's cousin's new dog. Doing it by hand eliminated the temptation.

3. Mailing Your Checks Out

Right on. I did this until about two years ago when I learned about this thing called the internet. Then my life changed.

4. Comic Book Shopping

They still have comic book stores? I don't even read comic books, but I'd totes go to a comic book store just for funsies.

5. Telling Time

Heck to the yes. I don't even care if the watch works. Pocket watches look so cool.

6. Getting A Closer Shave

Knives around throats generally terrify me; however, many of my friends with facial hair have told me this is the best shave you'll ever get.

7. Telling Time... The Hard Way

Clocks are cool and such, but I still have to count by fives to figure out what the minute hand says. Don't judge me.

8. Sending A Personal Thank You

Thank you notes are the bomb dot com. People think I'm weird for sending these. I think it's a nice gesture.

9. Keeping Track Of Your Agenda

I'm down with this, mainly because I'm too technologically inept to use the calendar on my phone. Plus, I have to agree with this Redditor: Writing it down helps me remember.

10. Handwriting Like They Did In The Old, Old, Old Days

This is pretty hardcore. No. 2 pencils are about as old school as I'll take it. Snaps for you, my friends.

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