Here's Where To Buy Beyonce's Holiday Merch

Forget the ugly Christmas sweaters, this year it's all about being trendy. Thankfully, Beyonce is here to help everyone with that. On top of her original designs, Beyonce created Lemonade Holiday merch, and it doesn't disappoint. Believe me when I say that you're going to want every single item on the site. Where can you buy the clothing, you ask? There's only one place to shop this trendy holiday gear.

Just when you thought the holidays couldn't get any more merry and bright, it's Beyonce to the rescue. You've probably already seen her original Lemonade line filled with iconic quotes and dad hats. Well, now there's merch made specifically for the holidays. The pieces combine Queen Bey's lyrics and the season in the best way possible. There might be only six items in the line, but it's got everything you need.

The only place to snag yourself a piece of what is sure to be the trendiest holiday line of the season is on the Shop Beyonce site. Everything is completely wearable and ranges from $16 to $60. According to the site, if you pre-order your items, they will ship out by Dec. 15. You could easily sport these around yourself for the holiday season or have them sitting under the tree.

Here's everything in the line, so you can stock up on all of your favorites. Just a warning though, you're going to want every single item.

1. Sleigh Sweatshirt

I Sleigh Red Pullover, $60,

As if the line couldn't get any better, she makes it into a pun.

I Sleigh Red Pullover, $60,

And another time for all the people in the back.

2. Boy Bye Pants

Boy Bye Red Sweatpants, $60,

Of course, you need the matching pants to go with it.

Boy Bye Red Sweatpants, $60,

The '00s called and said they wanted in on the holiday merch too.

3. Stocking Tee

I Came To Sleigh Cropped, $40,

If this isn't the trendiest holiday graphic tee you've ever seen, then you're lying.

I Came To Sleigh Cropped, $40,

The quote on the back makes it even better too.

4. Boy Bye Undies

Boy Bye Shorties, $18,

Not sure how this qualifies as the holiday collection, but I'll take it.

5. Sleigh Pullover

I Sleigh Geen Pullover, $60,

There's a green option too, if red isn't for you.

I Sleigh Geen Pullover, $60,

With the same seasonal message on the back.

6. Wrapping Paper

Pattern Wrapping Paper, $16,

There's even Queen Bey paper to wrap it all it!

Your holiday shopping list just got a little longer, people.

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