15 Lip Liner Tutorials That Every Kylie Fan Will Love — VIDEOS

Thanks to Kylie and her pout, lips are a huge part of exacting a stellar makeup game — between that and highlighter, we all look pretty amazing, don't we? Mastering this specific set of makeup skills through lip liner tutorials and lip kits takes time, but the more videos you watch and practicing you do, the easier drawing on Kylie Jenner-esque lips become.

And even if you have a naturally large pout, lip liner can still be a great tool to have in your makeup arsenal. The misconception that lip liner is only for making your lips look larger just isn't true — it's also a great way to make your color last and keep your lippy bleeding onto your skin. Wanted to achieve an ombre lip color? That's one thing lip liner is great at. Simply put, lip liner is here to save the day.

Regardless of your lip size or what exactly you're trying to achieve from your lip liner, there are some amazing tutorials to turn to to learn how to do it. Be it the basics of the product all the way to creative new ways to use your liner, these beauty vloggers will teach you everything you need to know.

1. Lip Liner As Lipstick

Gabi_Harvey on YouTube

If you're worried about investing in a product that you might not use as often as you'd like, try following this technique to get your lip liner to work both as a liner and a lip color all on its own.

2. Lip Liner For Beginners

Birchbox on YouTube

This is everything you need to know about lip liner, catered specifically to those who have never used it before.

3. Overlined Lips

Jordan Hanz on YouTube

If you're unhappy with your lip size, this is a great way to boost your pout without fillers.

4. Three Styles Of Ombre Lips

Mila Victoria on YouTube

This lip liner effect is an exciting way to approach an old faithful product.

5. How To Apply Lip Liner And Lipstick

BeautyBri3fing on YouTube

If you want to get all your lip education in one place, this is the video to do it.

6. Lip Liner For Nude Lips & Bright Lips

Breonna Queen on YouTube

Because different colors may require different lip liner techniques.

7. Make Small Lips Look Bigger

Nathalie Muñoz on YouTube

An up close and detailed look on how to fake lip fillers.

8. The Purpose Of Lip Liner

If you just don't get lip liner, let this video explain everything you need to know.

9. Kylie Jenner Lips

Desi Perkins on YouTube

A shout out to the queen of overdrawing lips.

10. Nude Lip Liner

maddjsas on YouTube

A specific tutorial for a specific color lip, because attention to detail is everything.

11. The Biggest Lips Ever

It sounds like a bold claim, until you watch the tutorial all the way through.

12. Dark Ombre Lip

GlamByMeliTv on YouTube

It doesn't make sense (and it's less fun) to only watch one tutorial to try and master a skill. If you're out to perfect that ombre lip, two tutorials is better than one.

13. Lip Liner Tips

Tameka on YouTube

A great part about the YouTube beauty community is getting to discover tricks you may never have encountered elsewhere - like this one.

14. How To Line Full Lips

Krizz'Tina Mitchell on YouTube

Because lip liner is for all lips, not just making small ones look bigger.

15. Another Kylie Jenner Tutorial

Marianna Hewitt on YouTube

Because you can never have enough Kylie.

Now feel free to go ahead and add a dozen lip liners to your list for Santa, because I'm sure he'll understand the need for a perfect pout to bring in the New Year.

Image: Desi Perkins/YouTube