14 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Gift Ideas For The Freshest Friends & Family In Your Life

For many families (and extended ones), the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity with which to hang out, catch up, and dote some essential love on each other in the form of great gifts. And if your family and besties spent the best part of the '90s — and ever since — cackling (and occasionally, crying) over the exploits of the Banks family, then some Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air gift ideas may be just what they're craving from Santa. Of course, back in the day, the easiest solution would have been to simply gift a Fresh Prince box set or DVD compilation of essential episodes, but the times they are a-changin', my friend. In a good way.

Thanks to the endless surprises of the internet, there are now tons of independent sellers making original items inspired by some of the greatest pop culture moments ever. Whatever scenes, characters, moments or jokes that were the funniest in Fresh Prince to your and your friends, odds are there's an item out there that's been lovingly crafted in tribute to it. So, make like Will being left in charge of Christmas decorations, and go big, my friends. Here's some of the finest Fresh Prince gift ideas to be found online to get you started.

1. This On-Point Hillary Banks Presidential Tee

Hilary Banks fitted t-shirt, $19, Red Bubble

Combine some crucial satire with your absolute love for the eminent Hillary Banks.

2. This Fresh As Hell Pin

Fresh Princess Pin, $10, Etsy

For the amazing queen in your life who is easily Will's equal.

3. This Bel-Air Academy Basketball Jersey

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Academy Jersey, $20, Etsy

Because how else do your friends expect to chill out, max, and relax all cool while shooting some b-ball outside of the school?

4. This Wonderfully Ludicrous Christmas Sweater

Fresh Prince Long Sleeve T-shirt, $45, Etsy

Some might say that this a little too loud, but I'm absolutely certain that Will would disagree.

5. This T-Shirt Recognizing How Legit Regal The Banks Family Is

Royal Family Of Bel Air T-shirt, $23, Red Bubble

And frankly, they're the only royal family I acknowledge. Long may they reign in my heart.

6. This Theme Song-Inspired Tank Top

Yo Holmes To Bel Air Fresh Prince Tank, $25, Etsy

Perfect for those gym-loving friends, who hire an Uber to take them home after one little fight with the elliptical machine.

7. This Throwback To Will's Spoon Melody From The Pilot

Fresh Spoon Of Bel Air T-shirt, $20, Red Bubble

Because everyone knows that song is still a total masterpiece, right?

8. This License Plate Jacket Pin

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air License Plate Pin, $6, Etsy

It might be diminutive, but it'll boast some big love for the show from a sturdy lapel.

9. This Honor Roll T-Shirt Of The Only Names You Need To Know

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Honor Roll T-shirt, $24, Etsy

In the most perfectly Fresh Prince color clash combo of green and pink, no less.

10. This Neon Joy Of An iPhone Case

Cool Down iPhone Case, $25, Red Bubble

Because just look at it — it's pure joy, you guys.

11. This Motivational, Sassy Sweatshirt

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air "Swerve" Sweatshirt, $20, Etsy

The ultimate purchase for those who love to snap their swerves into action.

12. This Shot-Slinging Tribute To West Philly

W. Philly Shot Glass, $14, Cafe Press

What better way to rep your hometown (and that of the Fresh Prince, himself) than to raise a glass to it?

13. These Dancing Carlton Tube Socks

Dancing Carlton Tube Socks, $13, Etsy

Quite possibly the greatest footwear for casually throwing on some Tom Jones.

14. This Perfect Print Of Carlton As Macaulay Culkin

Carlton Of "Bel Air" Print, $15, Etsy

Nothing says, "welcome home" like a portrait depicting Fresh Prince's memorable Halloween tribute to Home Alone.

And remember, when it comes to Fresh Prince-related gifts, there's no wrapping paper too loud. Go shiny, go colorful, and go big on that beauty, and be sure to enjoy some classic Fresh Prince episodes while you enjoy some Christmas wrapping.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Cafe Press; Red Bubble (4); Etsy (9)