Will 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Ever Return To TV? Scott Aukerman Isn't Ruling It Out

There truly hasn't been a career like that of Scott Aukerman. From behind-the-scenes writer to alt-comedy hero, Aukerman turned a humble podcast into an empire, creating a base for a new generation of comedic stars, and even adapting that podcast into a television series, IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!. Now, after nearly 100 episodes, the series is coming to an end on Friday, Dec. 2., and though we'll still have the podcast, fans need to know if Comedy Bang! Bang! will return for more TV seasons, or if this is truly the end of the revered IFC show.

A recent interview with Entertainment Tonight indicates that Aukerman isn't entirely done with the show. "I joked around that the earlier we end it, the sooner we can get to the reunion, which is really where all the money is," he said. All joking aside (or, as Aukerman often says, "all joking a salad"), it seems that he doesn't think a reunion is out of the question as he also told ET, "Who knows? In a couple years maybe we'll say, ‘Hey, Al, Reggie, let’s get back in here and start doing more episodes.’"

Until then, Aukerman will continue to host the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, which recently released its 460th episode, and work on other comedy projects. However, if listening to Aukerman makes you miss seeing him on TV, you can revisit the first four seasons of Comedy Bang! Bang! on Netflix, and I suggest you start with these episodes.

"Tom Lennon Wears Black Slacks and a Black Skinny Tie" (Season 4, Episode 26)

IosueCanadensis on YouTube

There's plenty to love about the "Tom Lennon..." episode of Comedy Bang Bang. The show takes one of its many stylistic risks by doing an entire episode in one-take. It also features many of its recurring guest stars and characters — notably CBB regular Paul F. Tompkins as his absurd caricature of musical theater legend Andrew Lloyd Webber. While you may not find the real Webber rapping the plot of Jesus Christ Superstar, this version is more than willing to do just that.

"Gillian Jacobs Wears A Red Dress With Sail Boats" (Season 2, Episode 6)

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Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love) is a frequent guest on both the podcast and television version of CBB, and her involvement seems to bring the best out of the entire creative team. Her first episode as a TV guest features a vampire chef, a suspicious new partner for bandleader Reggie, and a Comedy Bang! Bang! after show hosted by Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead. This extremely strong episode showcases that. even when it's not doing extreme experiements, there is still nothing odder on television than CBB.

"Maya Rudolph Wears a Black Skirt and Strappy Sandals" (Season 4, Episode 2)

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Comedy Bang Bang is often defined by the wild characters and absurd sketches that happen around the talk show portions, but there's nothing better than watching a guest buy into the madcap energy it creates. Maya Rudolph, who is nothing short of a comedic legend at this point, has an immense amount of fun while being the show's main guest star, matching Scott's wacky habits step-by-step.

With over 30 hours worth of the IFC series to watch, the long-running podcast still in action, and alternative comedy shows inspired by CBB's success like The Characters, Review, and Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ on the air, there is still plenty of Comedy Bang! Bang! to go around for even the most die-hard comedy nerd. That being said, here's hoping for a reunion sooner rather than later — and considering how much fun doing the show looks, it probably won't take Aukerman much convincing to hop back into the hosting chair.

Image: Chris Ragazzo/IFC