The Kylie Lipstick Vault Is Coming Super Soon

From anniversaries to holiday collection launches, the past few weeks have been huge for Kylie Cosmetics, and the brand isn't slowing down. On Wednesday, the final holiday surprise was announced, and it was more of a plethora of surprises starting with the Kylie Lipstick Vault. The vault is the first in a series of 12 days of holiday surprises marking mogul Kylie Jenner's last holiday surprise — even if it really is 12 surprises. Now that's it's been announced, fans want to know when the Kylie Lipstick Vault is launching. Good news, fans, because it's very, very soon.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, the Kylie Lipstick Vault is launching on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. PT. The mogul is definitely not waiting long to give fans the latest of her holiday surprises, and that's probably a good thing because they're already intent on making purchases if Twitter is to be believed.

Inside the Kylie Lipstick Vault fans won't find every single lip kit every released by Jenner, but they will be able to snag the most popular. From Ginger to KoKo K to Kourt K, the selection inside the vault is vast. It's basically the most comprehensive bundle Jenner has every released, and in less than twenty four hours, they can all be yours.

Jenner doesn't typically make her fans wait very long for new releases, and she's keeping that consistent. When a launch date the day after an announcement, this new collection is a sign that her other surprises may come super quickly as well.

As for what the other products or promos in the 12 Days of Christmas may be, fans are still somewhat in the dark. Clearly, though, the mogul has some tricks up her sleeve. This Kylie Lipstick Vault was actually a long time coming. With tons of lipstick shades, it just made sense, and it's perfect for the holidays.

Come Monday, Dec. 1, fans can swipe that gorgeous collection of hues. If you weren't able to snag your favorite piece of the Holiday Edition Collection, now's your chance to get another gorgeous set of Kylie Cosmetics products.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram