Match Just Launched Singles Greetings Cards, So It's Time To Make Yours

If the holiday season leaves you rolling your eyes at the thousands of Facebook updates and holiday greeting cards from every couple you know, it's time for singles to take back the holidays. Match launched a way to make your own Singles Greeting cards. That's right, a way for singles to gloat this holiday season— because singles deserve to do it as much as anyone. And if you have to sit through a thousand updates on how picking out china patterns is going, you deserve to give some of that smug back into the world.

They are customizable, so you can add you own image and message. Personally, I think that they are best made with a photo of you and your loved one — like peanut butter or vodka. Sure, you can take the earnest route and send out a real update, but these are just crying out for you to make a parody of all of those Facebook engagement albums you've flicked through. Come on, you know the one.

I love the idea, because the holidays can be a time where it feels like relationships are put above singledom and a lot of people are left feeling awkward, or at least having to face a lot of awkward family questions. So let's reclaim the holidays. Here's a little preview from Match about the cards you can design. Because everything looks better in faux cross-stitch:

Her rhyming game may not be on point, but she is nailing the holding a holiday package like you've never seen one before in your life. And look at the wistful, mid-range stare. She's definitely knows what she's doing.

OK, I don't care what this one says — it gets all of the points for that photo. Not only is she licking a frozen pole, she's doing it with the determination and focus of an effing Olympic sprinter. I want to be more like her. That's my 2017 resolution. Just be more like her — always.

"A funny thing I heard this year..." You can do better. And you will do better. Go to Singles Greetings on Match to check it out and make your own.

At its best, the holiday season is all about having a good time and connecting with people. So if you're single and want to send a genuine update or poke fun at all the holiday greetings you're forced to choke down on social media, head on over to Match and make your own.

Images: Fotolia; Match