What Is The Sanctuary On ‘The Walking Dead’? Carl & Jesus Are Heading To The Saviors' Home Base

Carl and Jesus are walking into the lion’s den and they have no idea what they’re dealing with. As we saw previously on The Walking Dead, the pair were stowed away in the back of the truck headed to the Sanctuary, the home of the Saviors. Viewers already got a glimpse of the place in the Nov. 6 episode, "The Cell," when we saw Daryl being held prisoner there, but this week's "Sing Me A Song" could give an in-depth look at how the group lives day-to-day and whether Daryl has any hope of escaping or being freed.

So far, viewers know that the Sanctuary is surrounded by a large chain link fence, which is covered with walkers stuck to giant poles that stick out of the ground. In “The Cell,” we saw Dwight watching them from afar, multiple times. The Saviors also have a pretty stocked food area, a garden, chickens, a doctor's office, and somehow, Dwight has access to a TV with Who’s The Boss? reruns. Beyond that, we’ve only seen Daryl’s dark cell, some hallways, and a room that potentially could be where Negan lives. Hopefully, the Dec. 4 episode will give a much more in-depth look at how the Saviors operate and what their base entails. But even if it keeps things mysterious, there's a lot to be learned about the Sanctuary in The Walking Dead comics.

It's A Factory

We haven’t gotten a good look at what the outside of the Sanctuary looks like on the AMC series yet, but in the comics, it’s a massive factory and almost looks like an indestructible fortress. It’s one of the cooler locations in the series, minus the people who reside in it.

Carl & Negan Have An Odd Relationship

Negan, who doesn't let the Saviors kill innocent children, develops an almost fatherly relationship with Carl. He likes Carl a lot and doesn't let anyone hurt him, and in the comics, it isn't any sort of ploy and Carl goes relatively unharmed.

Jesus Is Almost Captured

In the comic books, Jesus is trailing Dwight to find out where the Saviors’ headquarters are. After a confrontation, Jesus barely escapes and heads back to Rick to inform him of Negan’s home base. In the comics, he has no idea that Carl has snuck out and left Alexandria. If they plan to follow the comics at all, it would seem that Jesus jumps out of the truck and runs back to tell Rick where Carl is.

The Big War

The Sanctuary is where the giant battle begins. After Hilltop, Kingdom, and Alexandria team up, they march on the Sanctuary ready to fight. The war doesn't end at Sanctuary, but it plays an important role in the beginning of it all.

Sanctuary Survives

After the war, the Sanctuary is still standing tall, even though it’s not a dangerous place anymore. In the aftermath, leftover Saviors reside there.

If I was Rick, I would probably consider moving to the Sanctuary after the war. Alexandria hasn't really been living up to its name as a “Safe-Zone,” and without Negan looming over it, the Sanctuary can be a very safe place.

Images: Gene Page/AMC (6)