7 Drake Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Bring In The Holidays With Champagne Papi

It's officially December, which means you need to start planning for your office holiday party or ugly Christmas sweater soiree. You're going to want your outfit to be a conversation starter, so why not try donning an ugly Drake Christmas sweater?

While Drake might seem like an odd choice for a holiday sweater motif, if his Saturday Night Live hosting stint was any clue, Drake has a great sense of humor. His "Hotline Bling" video dance moves have only solidified his status as one of the most meme-able artists out there, so why not take that fun to the world of ugly holiday sweaters? Trust, even these gaudy pieces can look cool if worn with enough confidence and a sense of humor — not to mention the infinite pun possibilities from the king of Toronto himself's song and album titles.

You'll be the main event and only topic of conversation at any get together with this charming rapper's huge face slapped on your chest. After all, you're a good girl and he knows it — why not wear Champagne Santa on your sleeve this year?

1. Santa Drake

Shweeet Drake Ugly Christmas Sweater, $60, Etsy

Sometimes you need something on your chest reminiscent of a scary, generic screen saver — but with a winning Drake smile.

2. Mitochon-Drake-a

Drake Christmas Sweater, $60, Shweet/Etsy

In case the one big smiling Drake face wasn't enough, imagine his Santa hat head multiplied like cells and floating around the green nothingness of your sweatshirt.

3. Drake The Halls

Drake The Halls Crewneck, $17.99, DaintyDirtbags

His smile inspires smiles. If this didn't at least make you smirk, you're missing some serious holiday cheer.

4. Sleighbell Bling

Drake hotlinebling Christmas, $15.95, Teez Gallery

These song lyrics will forever be changed in the month of December. Has someone done a "Jingle Bells" x "Hotline Bling" remix yet?

5. Cell Bell Bling

ProjectTApparel, $19.95, Etsy

You think you're seeing double, but this design is reminiscent of Drake memes. Plus, if you're looking for something a little more toned down this sweater is much more relaxed, but still funny.

6. Red Running Man

PrimaGiftShop, $35, Etsy

If you're worried about looking like a walking Rudolph nose, just know it comes in green and pink. And yes, it is absolutely appropriate to take photos posing like Santa Drake.

7. Big Daddy Candy Kane

Shweeet Drake Ugly Christmas Sweater, $60, Etsy

You didn't think you'd get away with not seeing another floating Drake head, did you? This time he's swimming in a peppermint patty river of minty goodness.

Nothing will be the same now that you have seven different ways of expressing your holiday cheer. These sweaters will guarantee you a spot on the "nice" list.

Images: Courtesy Brands