Is "PPP" Really "ddd" On 'The Walking Dead'? Tara's Key Card Note Could Be Upside Down

The Walking Dead may not be as big of a mystery show as Westworld or Pretty Little Liars, but occasionally the survivors will stumble across something that requires decoding. Last Sunday, Tara found a note in fresh tire tracks, that she hopes was left for her by Heath, that says "PPP." However, what if "PPP" on The Walking Dead is really "ddd" instead?

Tara and Heath got separated in a zombie attack, and these three letters are the only sign that both of them made it out alive. The message was scribbled on what appears to be a hotel key card. Sure, the "top" of the key is the hole for the ring, which would indicate that the letters spell out "PPP." However, if you put that keycard on a ring, you would hold it facing away from you by said ring, and therefore the letters would spell out "ddd" when you looked at them.

By the way the handwriting looks, this doesn't seem super likely, but it's a definite possibility. What could "ddd" stand for? Dungeons, Dragons, and more Dragons? Unless it's an inside joke or a reference to a specific place, it's hard to say for sure, but here are a few guesses.

"Don't Die, Dude"


That's what reddit user theoncomingnoob suggested, which brings to mind Enid's "Just Survive Somehow," though it's more of a friendly message than a motto. Don't Die, Dummy?

"Ding Dong Ditch"


MoviePilot facetiously suggested that it could be a mean note instead of a fond farewell. That's more believable if it came from the Saviors, instead of Heath.



Maybe Heath is hiding in a nearby IMAX cinema.

A Distress Signal


DDD was an old version of a Maritime distress signal, like the more popularly used SOS. Specifically, it signaled that all ships keep the radio channel silent in light of an emergency situation. Maybe Heath is telling Tara that he's in danger. I definitely think that there's a reason he disappeared so suddenly on The Walking Dead. Heath still has a part to play, and this cryptic note is just the first clue.

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