Demi Moore Goes Out with Unshaved Legs. Gasp?

BREAKING NEWS: Demi Moore has body hair, just like the rest of us. Not only does she have body hair, she makes decisions about what to do with it! If these aren't signs of humanity, I don't know what is. What was kind of inhuman(e) was Perez Hilton's reaction to the leg hair. Now, his sexuality is no secret, but being gay in no way necessitates being disgusted by women's bodies and blogging, "We really don't want to be exposed to either of those things." ("Those things" being Moore's armpits and legs.)

Newsflash: Moore's not the only person who has rolled out of the house looking like the missing link between humans and hominids. We all have. You don't see us running and screaming every time we see a man with 5'o clock shadow, so please, dude, do us the same favor. Sometimes we can't be assed getting into the shower 10 minutes earlier to make sure we're acceptably hairless, and Demi is allowed a shaggy day if she so desires, we've all been there. I'd say more but I have to go take my leg hair for a walk.

Image: Getty Images