Beliebers Play A Strange April Fools Joke

by Alanna Bennett

Look, let's not even pretend to understand Justin Bieber's life. From what I can tell it's some kind of fever dream in which Justin Timberlake copulated with King Joffrey of Westeros and created something unholy and imbued with good dance moves and terrible tattos. And on days like today — April 1st, AKA April Fools Day, AKA the day everyone does really weird shit on the Internet and/or blatantly lies and pretends it's comedy — that existence can only get weirder. Cue the Beliebers, who took it upon themselves to pretend to be Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, for some reason.

No, we don't know why this happened or with which specific Belieber this originated — I think we should all just agree to accept "the Internet" and "we are all April Fools" as the vague answers of choice for something like this. But happen it did. A whole lotta Beliebers changed their profile picture and display name to match Bieber momma Pattie Mallette. Some weird viral marketing for an as of yet unannounced Mallette tell-all? Revenge for Mallette not throwing her full support behind her son's actions and instead asking the public to pray for him?

Who the hell knows. But here's Mallette's actual twitter profile, verified and followed by Selena Gomez and all:

Then there are the top results when you search "Pattie Mallette" on the twitters:

Shit's getting Oedipal up in here.

Why is this happening.

Even the Pattie Mallettes are overwhelmed.

I think I might give up on the Internet.