Can You See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Instagram Story? Repeat Viewers Are Safe From Scrutiny

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you have a few free minutes and are considering checking out your crush's Instagram page again, you may be wondering, “Can you see how many times someone has viewed your Instagram Story?” After all, whether you use the ‘gram to spy on your own crushes or want to see if someone is crushing on you, knowing if this information is available would be incredibly helpful. In the past, users could only judge how many times an Instagram video or image in their feed was viewed more generally, according to the number of "likes" it received; however the Snapchat-esque Stories feature has shaken things up by allowing the poster to see exactly who is watching their Story content. But there's a big difference between checking out all the stories as they cycle through and watching one particular story over and over like a dearly departed Vine — so can we see the numbers for individual viewers?

Instagram Stories, which were launched in early August of this year, have become an excellent tool for sharing bite-size slideshows of day-to-day life. Unlike the arty, heavily-filtered highlights that are typical of an Instafeed, the Stories feature allows users to post everyday moments in a low-pressure, relaxed format. Each photo or video slideshow appears as a circle at the top of the normal feed, where followers can choose to click and view it.

Stories themselves only last for a 24-hour period, with the ephemeral nature helping to protect users from feeling like they are oversharing with their followers. They're essentially a separate environment for sillierm more relaxed content — just the kind of thing a crush would want to scope out, amIright?

But while you can see who has checked out your latest Story, sadly, there is currently no way to see how many times an individual person has viewed it. Sorry about that, gang. Or maybe not, depending on whether you're relieved that no one will know you just watched a slideshow of a random Instagram user's dog five times in a row.

To see who has ogled your latest Story, simply tap on your Story and swipe up on the screen. A list of names of the people who have seen each photo or video in your story, as well as a view counter, signified by a number next to an eyeball graphic will appear.

Furthermore, while Instagram protects each video viewer's privacy, it also shields the poster. Only the person who posted the story can see these analytics, so you don't have to be worried that others can see how popular your content is, or bashful when it comes to checking out your story stats.

So go out there and view freely!

Images: Carl Court/Getty Images; Lily Feinn, Emma Lord/Bustle