The Greatest Lyrics Off The 'Hamilton Mixtape'

You can admit it: You’ve fallen heads over heels for the new Hamilton Mixtape. Between the covers of your those classic tear-jerkers (curse you, Kelly Clarkson) and the remixes and rearrangement that revitalized the historical musical, you can’t get enough. You may even find yourself enamored with the new lyrics on the Hamilton Mixtape , with provide you with modern takes on the historical musical... in the words of others.

Alright, technically Lin-Manuel Miranda makes an appearance in “Wrote My Way Out.” And yes, I know that a lot of those new songs recycle some of the classic lines from the Broadway smash. However, it’s incredible hearing a mélange of artists run with the larger concepts of the American musical and make it about their own struggles... sometimes in the same song. Clearly everyone was inspired to make their own statements. Although if you want to beyond the brand new songs, some of the demos and unreleased songs have some great lines woven in here, too.

So though you can hear it for yourself by streaming the album on the immediate, here is just a brief selection of some of the most hard hitting (and even occasionally hilarious) lyrics from the Hamilton Mixtape .

1. "Every Cabinet Meeting Is A Full On Rumble / What You're About To Witness Is No John Trumbull"

This follows the idea that a John Trumbull painting shows the founding fathers with zero conflict, and as we well know, there was a lot of tension and drama between those men. It's the perfect prelude.

2. "Running On Empty, With Nothing Left In Me But Doubt / I Picked Up A Pen / And Wrote My Way Out"

This simple statement is so weirdly inspirational, reminding us just how many revolutions (personal or national) start with a simple pen stroke.

3. "When The World Turned Its Back On Me / I Was Up Against The Wall / I Had No Foundation / No Friends And No Family To Catch My Fall"

Just a gentle tie back to the initially penniless and pretty much parentless Hamilton.

4. "I Picked Up The Pen Like Hamilton / Street Analyst, Now I Write Words That Try To Channel 'Em / No Political Power, Just Lyrical Power"

Nas and Hamilton are basically the same person, except they channel the power of words differently. That's the takeaway from this, and I love it.

5. "You're A Nuisance With No Sense / You'll Die Of Irrelevance / Go Ahead, You Aspire To My level / You Inspire To Malevolence"

A diss on John Adams that'll make you say, "Daaaamn."

6. "Buckingham Palace Or Capitol Hill / Blood Of My Ancestors Had That All Built"

Whether it's then or now, England or the United States, so many countries were built on the labor of others.

7. "And We All Came To America Trying To Get A Lap Dance From Lady Freedom / But Now Lady Liberty Is Acting Like Hilary Banks With A Prenup"

This wins several points for having me imagine the Statue of Liberty pole dancing.

8. "The Credit Is Only Borrowed / It’s America's Ghost Writers, The Credit's Only Borrowed"

A short, sweeping statement on how history is constantly rewritten to tell a certain narrative... and how minorities often get lost in those edits.

9. "You Have Invented A New Kind Of Stupid / A 'Damage You Can Never Undo' Kind Of Stupid / An 'Open All The Cages In The Zoo' Kind Of Stupid / 'Truly, You Didn't Think This Through?' Kind Of Stupid"

In which it is not unclear that Hamilton is incredibly stupid.

10. "You Know Why Jefferson Can Do What He Wants? / He Doesn't Dignify Schoolyard Taunts With A Response!"

Admittedly, this is a pretty sick burn.

11. "Cause I'm Standing Here With My Soul In My Hand / Oh, Everybody Round Here Wants Me / I Think You Can, And You Should"

OK, home-wrecking, especially the home-wrecking that occurs in the play, is very much frowned upon. However, this is a pretty impassioned and weirdly convincing plea for an affair. Credit where credit is due.

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