15 Bookish Candles To Gift This Holiday Season

Some consider candles to be a stereotypical go-to gift, because they’re easy to purchase and almost everyone likes them. Some people may consider candles bland presents, because you could easily give someone a basic-scented candle without knowing anything about them. But all candles are impersonal. If you know a lot about a person, you can actually make this go-to gift into an amazingly thoughtful present. For example, these book-inspired candles are perfect for the reader in your life.

Let's be honest: candles are only a bland present if you're not trying very hard. There's so many opportunities to get creative with this gifting option. Consider what books and authors the person loves, and work from there. The possibilities are endless.

Book-lovers have a deep appreciation for candles, because they’re perfect to pair with a rainy day and a great novel. Sure, people may think that hot drinks and mugs are the go-to literary gift, but the truth is that there’s a treasure trove of literary-inspired candles just waiting to be discovered. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the book-lover in your life, or you're a lit-lover yourself searching for the perfect scent to pair with your TBR pile, the following candles are the perfect pick.

The Book Boyfriend Candle

Because a person's books — and their Book Boyfriend, will never leave them. This candles smell of oakmoss, pine, and clean cotton. You'll fall in love with the scent as quickly as you fell in love with Peeta.

Book Boyfriend Candle, $11, NovellyYours on Etsy

Hobbit Garden Candle

If you're the type of reader looking for an adventure, this candle is for you. It smells of English ivy, oak moss, juicy apple, and garden mint.

Hobbit Garden Candle, $16, bubbleandgeek on Etsy

Gatsby's Party Candle

With this candle, you can attend Gatsby's party while remaining in the comfort of your own home (preferably with a book). It smells of champagne, strawberries, and "a fresh coastal breeze."

Gatsby's Party Candle, $13, FireflyCandlesCo on Etsy

Spine Candle

This chic candle smells of "an old leather-bound book," and is the perfect pick for readers who can't get enough of that old book smell.

Spine Candle, $18, FeatherandWax on Etsy

Neverland Candle

Transport yourself to Neverland with this Peter Pan-inspired candle. It has the aroma of moss, ivy, and sweet honeysuckle nectar, so you will feel as if you never have to grow up as long as you can just keep reading.

Neverland Candle, $18, MagicalScentsations on Etsy

Sherlock's Pipe Candle

Light this tobacco-scented candle and pick up a mystery novel for the perfect evening.

Sherlock's Pipe Candle, $14, HalfOakCandles on Etsy

Reading Nook Candle

A staple for any reading nook, this simple candle contains scents of paper, old books, mahogany, teakwood, and floral.

Reading Nook Candle, $14, PaperStreetCandleCo on Etsy

Library Candle

This bright candle was "inspired by the grand libraries of English manor houses." It has the scent of leather, fruity tobacco, sandalwood, and yellowing pages, so you can feel as if you're reading in a grand library no matter where you are.

Library Candle, $14, IlluminatiWaxworks on Etsy

I Like Big Books Candle

If you like big books and you also like customizable candles, this is the perfect pick for you. Select your scent from aromas such as Christmas cookie, coffee, and maple donuts, and light this lovely candle while reading from a large tome.

I Like Big Books Candle, $15, RadCandles on Etsy

Bookstore Candle

As a book-lover, you probably wish you could live in a bookstore. Well, this candle will make that dream come true, because it will transform any room into a bookstore with its scent of driftwood, mahogany, coffee, and leather.

Bookstore Candle, $18, Frostbeard on Etsy

The Chosen One Candle

Book-lovers won't be able to resist this Butterbeer-scented Harry Potter candle, with its chic minimalist design and sweet scent. It will lift your spirits faster than you can say wingardium leviosa.

The Chosen One Candle, $18, HighlandBluffStudio on Etsy

Enchanted Library Candle

As Stephen King says, "books are a uniquely portable magic." In a way, candles are, too. Combine those two with this enchanted library candle, scented with the aroma of vanilla, parchment, honey, and coffee beans.

Enchanted Library Candle, $17.61, NookandBurrow on Etsy

Wuthering Candle

This minimalist candle is inspired by Wuthering Heights, and smells of almond, rose, and moors. For classics fans, this candle is a must-have.

Wuthering Candle, $20, CruzCandle on Etsy

Elizabeth Bennet Candle

This lemon, rosemary, and ginger scented candle is vibrant and energizing, much like its namesake, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennet Candle, $16, WitandWicks on Etsy

Belle's Library Candle

This candle is for every book-lover who was obsessed with Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and knew that the best scene was when the Beast showed Belle his amazing library. This candle will transport you into that magical moment: it smells of leather-bound books and rose petals.

Belle's Library Candle, $14, GeekNWicks on Etsy

Image: Etsy/NookandBurrow (1)