'Westworld' Season 2 Needs To Answer These Qs

Westworld theories run the gamut from probable to outlandish. I think it would be cool if this show took place in outer space too, but I just don't see why it matters. One thing that's for certain is that Sunday's finale will leave us with questions for Season 2 of Westworld when it returns to HBO. The show is often coy about the story it's really telling, which leaves fans with lots to ponder between each episode, and especially between this season and the next.

Now, I have a hunch that Westworld will address questions like whether William "grows up" to be the Man in Black, the identity of Wyatt, and just how many timelines we've been watching, in the Season 1 finale. I also think we'll probably learn more about the maze, and definitely what Ford's big new narrative is shaping up to be. However, this world is so large that not every major question will be answered — and even if they are, we'll probably just have more questions.

We may have to wait until 2018 for Westworld Season 2, which is devastating, but there will be plenty to talk about in the interim. Here are some questions that Westworld may not get to in the upcoming finale, but will hopefully be addressed in the future.

Are There Other Parks?

The movie Westworld included other Delos parks like Roman World, which I know I'd rather visit. Murder less, drink wine more. At New York Comic-Con, the creators said they wouldn't do Roman World and Medieval World, but didn't rule out the possibility of other Delos properties. Heck, I'd prefer a robot theme park set in the Prohibition era, on the Titanic, in Versailles, or even 2014 to Westworld.

Are Guests Cloned?

We know that Bernard was created partially using Arnold's DNA, and the Westworld terms of service warns guests that they are signing over the rights to their own genetic material. How many other hosts were "inspired" by human beings?

Do Any Humans Work At Westworld?

Besides Ford, that is, and even then who knows. I know the "everyone is a robot" theory has crossed your mind at least once.

What Year Is It?

The photo of Logan's sister Juliet looks like it was taken around present day, but that is now confirmed to be the past. What year was it then, and what year is it in Westworld's present?

How Many Hosts Are Sentient?

Don't you sometimes get the feeling that they all are, but are being real low key about it?

Will Hector Ever Get To Make His Speech?

That poor writer. He just wants to tell a good story.

What's Outside The Park?

There must be more than this provincial life...

Does The Fact That The Native American Hosts Worship Delos Not Worry Anyone?

When Maeve started poking around for answers, she found many hosts who willingly told her about the Native Americans who worship the men and women in jumpsuits that collect them every so often and mend their injuries. How does nobody in programming or narrative care about this? This is a sentience problem that goes way beyond Ford's reveries.

Who Wants The Data?

This data smuggling conspiracy seems to have involved Teresa Cullen, Charlotte Hale, and probably other characters with surnames from the Twilight saga. That seems to be a bigger mystery than some of the other things set up on Westworld in Season 1 that could be expanded upon when the series returns for Season 2.