7 Texting Gloves You Can Use Your Phone With

There is literally nothing more annoying than having to take off your gloves to answer a call/open a text/double tap an Instagram photo, which is why texting gloves that allow you to use your phone are pretty much the best invention ever. Subjecting our poor little hands to the cold air just to use our phones is downright cruel, and considering Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are both off of Instagram these days, it's definitely not worth it. Texting gloves FTW.

There are two different kinds of texting gloves: The kind that flip open at the top to allow you to have skin-to-phone contact, and the kind that have special fibers in them that work with your phone's touchscreen. Both kinds of gloves have their drawbacks — the flip kind exposes your fingers to the cold air, while the fiber kind isn't totally reliable 100 percent of the time — but are both still much better options than having to pull your glove off with your teeth every time you need to use your phone.

Here are seven of this season's cutest texting gloves (remember when they all used to be so bulky and weird looking?!) that will make a great gift for yourself or anyone on your holiday list. Happy warm-handed swiping!

1. Ugg

Ugg Smart Tech Gloves With Shearling Sheepskin Cuff, $75, Bloomingdales

Four Words: Uggs. For. Your. Hands.

2. Target

Women's Tech Touch Gloves, $4, Target

These are basically like sweaters for your fingers. That you can text with.

3. Agnelle

Agnelle Elsa Texting Gloves, $155, Shop Bop

No manicure? No problem!

4. Kate Spade

Cat Pop Top Mittens, $88, Kate Spade

Fair warning: You'll be tempted to start every text with "Meow!" instead of "Hi!" when wearing these.

5. Aqua

Aqua Embellished Texting Gloves, $55, Bloomingdales

The holiday party version of a pair of gloves.

6. 360 Sweater

Thalia Cashmere Gloves, $127, Revolve

In case you've ever wanted to text with all five fingers.

7. Northface

The North Face ETip Glove, $45, Nordstrom

Sporty, warm and phone friendly.

Images: Gillian Vann/Stocksy; Courtesy of Brands