Jennifer Aniston Reprises Rachel On 'SNL'

For Saturday Night Live fans, it just seemed like another lucky week in which Vanessa Bayer breaks out her "Rachel from Friends" impression on "Weekend Update." Anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che brought the dressed-in-'90s-overalls Bayer, complete with her Rachel haircut wig, to give the audience a Friends nostalgia trip. And then Jennifer Aniston played Rachel from Friends on SNL for the best "Rachel from Friends" impression of them all. Aniston rolls in on Bayer's take on her iconic '90s sitcom character and it's all in good fun — after all, Aniston and Bayer star together in the upcoming film Office Christmas Party.

"Can you just drop that for a second?" Aniston says to Bayer as part of the bit. Aniston first expresses annoyance at the fact that Bayer has been texting her "for the past 12 days to come visit you" and Bayer tells Aniston how much she admires her. Aniston confronts her co-star about her Rachel impression and doesn't give her approval of the spot-on impersonation. She tells Bayer, "Friends was like five million and five years ago, we gotta move on." (Hey, it's currently on Netflix and that makes the series pretty much ageless.)

And that's when Aniston slips back into character without missing a beat.

Bayer and Aniston have a "What? No! Oh, Ross" Rachel impression-off that'll transport you right back to the '90s and Central Perk, pronto. While Aniston was jokingly critical of Bayer's impression, this side-by-side performance definitely showed that Bayer's recurring "Weekend Update" bit is way more accurate than anyone ever dreamed.

So, what do they do? They decide a truce over nachos, of course. But that wasn't all for Aniston, who also joined host Emma Stone, SNL castmember Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon's Debette Goldry character on a sketch about a women in Hollywood roundtable.

It was awesome to see Aniston take on Rachel once again, even for just a minute on SNL.

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