A New 'Passengers' Clip Gets First Date Awkwardnes

If you have been looking forward to the release of the film Passengers , starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, I'm here to tell you it is not for naught. On Sunday, IMDb tweeted a new Passengers clip of Lawrence and Pratt's characters going out on a first date, and it is everything. The clip features the actors channeling their adorkable selves in a situation that, despite the setting of space, is super relatable. It doesn't matter if you're the only two people conscious on a spaceship or not — as the clip proves, first dates are always kind of awkward.

In the clip, Pratt's character, James, picks Lawrence's character, Aurora, up at her door. But it doesn't happen without playing up the nerves that come with the unnecessary yet sweet formality of the first date. The two share some flirty small talk with a hint of bashfulness and it's enough to get your chemistry radar blaring. It's clear that the characters (and the actors) have that something that makes their alone-in-space but still-would-be-into-each-other-regardless relationship super endearing.

But, the best part of the date scene isn't even the romance aspect. It's the slightly uncomfortable, yet true to form attempt at small talk while also balancing tongue in cheek references to their truly unique situation. It gives the scene and the movie a sense of levity when the overall situation (being stuck alone in literally the middle of nowhere) they're facing is anything but.

The fact that these two characters can find the time to experience a rom com-like date in the midst of terror and uncertainty is making Passengers look more interesting than ever. Hopefully, it'll be a movie that will have audiences both thrilled by the adventure and cringing over the awkwardness of its two lead characters' burgeoning romance.

Image: Sony Pictures