Justin Bieber Reveals His Relationship Status

After years of an on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez, a non-exclusive relationship situation with Hailey Baldwin, and a potential relationship with Sofia Richie (one that led to him deleting his Instagram account), Justin Bieber revealed that he is single on Ellen Monday, Dec. 5. And honestly? I don't know the guy personally, but it seems like that relationship status is in his best interest for now.

"I'm not dating anybody. I'm single," the Biebs revealed on the show — his 26th appearance! — much to the delight of the audience. "I'm not really looking, either."

And "not really looking" means exactly that. When Ellen DeGeneres asked the "Sorry" singer if he's ever been on Tinder, the Biebs revealed that he has never gone on the app (or any dating app for that matter), and he's not exactly interested in trying it, either. Clearly, he doesn't exactly need to (I imagine when you're the most popular male pop star in the world, you don't exactly have a problem getting dates), but it's refreshing to see Bieber content with living the single life. It gives him more time to focus on himself (DeGeneres even commented on how she's never seen the singer looking healthier), and on his career — which, by the way, just keeps exploding. In fact, Bieber even announced on the show that he's extended his Purpose tour yet again by doing a 2017 stadium tour in the U.S.

As for his relationship status, good for Bieber for taking the time to focus on himself. While there were many Jelena shippers still holding out hope for the Bieber/Gomez pairing to be #EndGame, that on-and-off relationship eventually seemed nothing but toxic for both of them, and both singers seem happier and healthier now that they are no longer in it. And as for the alleged ~drama~ with Sofia Richie, that all escalated fairly quickly when it appeared that the singer was dating Nicole Richie's little sister and sharing photos of the two on Instagram. Bieber's fans got angry about it, he lashed out in return, and Gomez even allegedly jumped into the mix — all prompting Bieber to delete his account and never turn back.

Needless to say, it seems like a good idea that Bieber is not eager to jump into anything new right now and is instead taking the time to feel healthy and "strong," as he put it to DeGeneres, even showing off his tattooed biceps on the show. 2017 is Bieber time, and the world is definitely ready to mingle with a single Biebs.