Which KL Polish Shade Is Kathleen Lights' Favorite? She Adores This Hue — PHOTO

When you are an influencer or a vlogger in the beauty world, your personal favorite products are of interest to your diehard fans and even casual watchers of your videos and other content. Kathleen Lights just dropped her KL Polish Collection, featuring six beautiful shades that span the color spectrum. There's a brick red, a cobalt blue, a mauve, and several more. The $8.50-a-bottle lacquers are available now. If for some reason — like the holiday shopping season— you can't splurge on the entire collection or are forced to choose just one polish, but can't decide which, here's an easy suggestion to help you navigate that tough choice. Why not grab the one that is Kathleen Lights' preferred shade? Which of the KL Polishes is Kathleen Lights' favorite?

Her favorite hue is Caramello, which is a gorgeous, perfectly autumnal mustard x pumpkin shade in a creme finish. It's a universally wearable color and avails itself for so many occasions. It's appropriate for office wear, a holiday party, a wedding, or everyday manis. It's not too bold or too bright, but it's certainly not a boring or "blends in" shade, either.

So, yeah, it's essentially flawless.

Below is the Insta post from the official KL Polish Insta, noting that Caramello is its creator's favorite shade. It truly is an unusual and unique hue.

IDK how she was able to pick a favorite, since the entire collection is really gorgeous and full of satiny shades.

You can mix and match or totally color coordinate your mani and pedi. I think doing each digit in a different shade is an acceptable move with these polishes.

Here is another look at Caramello. It's Kathleen Lights' fave so why not grab a bottle or two for you and a friend? It's an awesome stocking stuffer and it's hardly basic.

Caramello pops against all skin tones. The shade is still available on the KL Polish site so it's yours for the taking and for the painting!

Images: KL Polish/Instagram (3); Courtesy of KL Polish (1)