You Can Still Shop Kathleen Lights' KL Polishes

So often, new beauty launches and celeb-branded or blogger-backed collections sell out on the same day that the products drop. That leaves behind a trail of frustrated customers and disappointed beauty junkies that are bummed out about being shut out. Vlogger Kathleen Lights dropped her KL Polish Collection, featuring six shades from navy blue to mauve to mustard, on Monday, Dec. 5. The polishes cost $8.50 a bottle and have this creamy, satiny finish that is truly to die for. Are the Kathleen Lights KL Polishes sold out already, causing nail art fiends to shake their fists in frustration?

No, there will be none of that nonsense, especially since you can break a well-manicured nail by making a fist or clenching too hard and you do not need that noise. Plus, the Kathleen Lights KL Polishes remain fully in stock, which is cause for celebration.

You can head over to the brand's official site and grab one or three or all six of the shades, because they are there for the taking. If you are a collector of nail polishes and love Kathleen Lights, then don't delay. You may as well scoop them up, since they could veritably sell out. The lacquers are $8.50 a bottle.

It's the holiday season and the KL Polishes are perfect stocking stuffers.

The KL Polishes are total squad goals and digit goals and mani goals and pedi goals. They. Are. Everything.

They even have super cute names that seem random and totally not cliche!

This is Caramello, which is KL's fave shade.

Zoey is sexy and subtle.

Brick Sidewalk is a rusty red.

Snickerdoodle is a clean, neutral nude and suitable for daily wear.

Join the navy with Gumption!

Broccoli & Chocolate isn't exactly a rad food combo but as a nail polish color? Oh, it's fire!

Don't snooze — shop, since the KL Polishes are not sold out. OK, bye.

Images: KL Polish/Instagram (2); Courtesy of KL Polish (6)