Mara Hoffman + Havianas = Dream Flip Flops

Flip flop season is fast approaching and look what's arrived just in time for it — a Havaianas + Mara Hoffman collection. The collab made in summer heaven is made of four gorgeous printed sandals from Hoffman's Resort Swim 2014 collection, which was inspired by her love of India.

The graphic-heavy flip flops are visions of bright and playful prints, featuring Indian birds, rays of light and evil eyes. Even if you think they're a little print-heavy for your style, Hoffman believes it's a fun way to incorporate some color in your step. "If you're not a huge print person, this is a way to wear it on your soles, which is kind of awesome," said Hoffman in a YouTube video promoting the collaboration.

The partnership makes total sense — both Hoffman and Havianas are brands that are created for sun-loving beach enthusiasts. In the video, Hoffman expresses why the collaboration worked."I get great pleasure out of designing things that I know that people are taking with them when they'll be the most happy and Havianas does the same. We take these pieces to our happiest places."

The sandals are available for purchase now, and although they'll run you $44 a pair, they're worth it — you're going to be living in them. Just imagine yourself wearing them on your manicured toes by a pool somewhere warm, sunny and tropical. Sold? We thought you'd be.

Images: Havaianas + Mara Hoffman collection