Adele & Beyoncé Are Tied For A Major Grammy Record

Exciting news for music fans: The 2017 Grammy nominees were announced on Tuesday morning. Unsurprisingly, Beyoncé is leading the pack with a whopping nine nominations. Another frontrunner? Adele, who's against Bey in major categories, such as Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year. But did you know that Beyoncé and Adele currently hold a Grammys record? Yup, according to the official Grammys site, these ladies are tied for most awards won in one night by a female artist, based on previous award shows. That total is six trophies, in case you're wondering, and it's an impressive stat to say the least.

While I'm not trying to pit these powerhouses against one another, if Bey does win a majority of her nominations at the Feb. 12 show, that could mean she'll break history as the female artist to take home the most trophies in one night. Beyoncé already has the most Grammy nominations of all female artists in history, so adding another title to her collection should come as no shock at this point. It just solidifies her musical talents and impact.

On the flip side, Adele could say "Hello" to some new trophies. If Adele impressively snags all of her nominations — five in total — she technically wouldn't wind up breaking the record, just sticking to it. But five in one night is a feat in itself. Honestly, the fact that these two women previously snagged six trophies in one year is mind-blowing.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering the talent I'm discussing — Adele and Beyoncé, two women so powerful they only need one name to identify them — it's unlikely either will go home empty-handed. Instead, I imagine they'll split up the trophies in the aforementioned big categories (Album, Song, and Record of the Year). While Adele can't be the tiebreaker for their previous record this time around, it's entirely possible that Beyoncé could win six awards or more, meaning she'll be making history — yet again. And because it's Adele and Bey we're talking about, I imagine they'll be good sports and congratulate one another regardless. Because yes, they're class acts.