There's A New Way To Get Your Tinder Fix

If you just can't get dating apps in your life, Tinder is about to start coming at you in a whole new way. And no, it's not a Super-Duper Like. Starting Thursday, December 8, you'll be able to experience Tinder from a totally different angle — as a podcast. They've teamed up with Gimlet Creative on the DTR podcast — which stands for define the relationship — along with host Jane Marie of This American Life, Jezebel, and Cosmopolitan. They plan to bring real users and listeners through the world of Tinder. And, if the trailer is anything to go by, things get interesting. Everything from Tinder statistics to hotness disparity to picking out profile photos will be covered. It's your chance to see Tinder from a different angle.

"Podcasts are very popular at Tinder — many members of our young team listen to them, chat about them, etc," Tinder CMO Ferrell McDonald tells Bustle. "Tinder is fascinating to users and non-users alike so we thought this was a great medium/personal way to explore telling our amazing stories as well as dive into navigating the world of online introductions in general. The average Millennial spends about four hours a day listening to audio. Whether educational, entertaining, or both, it’s a great way to reach our largest demographic."

"We hope our users will feel like they are not alone in all the unique challenges that dating in the modern world brings."

I think it's a great idea. I'm always fascinated by the behind-the-scenes look and data analysis of dating apps. Partially because it's just downright fascinating, but also because it's a great way to help people get the most out of these apps that so many of us are relying on to meet people. Quite frankly, we could use a little help — because if you've ever had a dating app disaster, you are certainly not alone.

Plus, it'll make you feel a little bit better about any Tinder fails you may have had. For example, have you ever used a profile pic that's you at your father's funeral? Well, one listener has. Really.

Take a listen to the trailer and check out their video to get a sneak peak at what will be ffered. It's a great way to get a look other people's experiences and maybe get your lingering questions answered. "When you listen a podcast you are really engaged," McDonald says. "It is such an immersive and very personal experience, much like dating. When it comes to approaching someone new, there’s a lot of confusion and fear. People have questions that they’re embarrassed to ask; experiences they’re embarrassed to talk about. Audio allows people to speak out somewhat anonymously about their experiences. There’s an honesty to it, and an intimacy that’s difficult to achieve in other mediums. When you point a camera at someone, they’re performing. When you let them speak, unseen, they’re confessing. We hope our users will feel like they are not alone in all the unique challenges that dating in the modern world brings."

Oh, and of course there's dick pics. Because aren't there always dick pics? But it's meant to be lighthearted as well. "We hope that they will laugh, we hope they will learn something," McDonald says. "We hope that it will spark conversations with their co-workers and friends because they found it interesting. And of course, we hope they walk away happy that Tinder was able to bring that to them."

So if you're a regular Tinder user — or just curious to know what's going on behind the swiping— check out the the Define The Relationship podcast. They're starting a six-week season on Thursday and will give you a whole new look at the OG of dating apps.

Images: Tinder/YouTube