7 Tinder Strategies That Actually Work

I've watched a lot of friends float in and out of using Tinder for dating. They'll download it for a few months, be really enthusiastic, get sort of lackadaisical, and then stop using it all together. Then, a few months later, after a bad breakup, unsatisfying hookup, or maybe a really killer hangover, they'll sign up for Tinder again. And thus the circle continues. Sunrise, sunset.

But I really think Tinder and dating apps get overwhelming because people don't use them efficiently. If decision fatigue is a real thing, then Tinder must be home of decision exhaustion— and it leads to people just swiping and half-chatting, tired, ghosting, and sort of annoyed at the whole process. It's hugely popular for men to just swipe right to every single person, get more Tinder matches, then send messages while they're still at the top of the list. But that sounds... ridiculous. And just too much. So here are some of the best Tinder strategies, that not only gets you matches and dates, but the kinds that you want.

Here are seven strategies to try. But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast "I Want It That Way":

1. Use The "Super Like" Function

I know it sounded a little ridiculous when they first introduced it, but it works. The data shows you're 3x more likely to match with someone when you use a Super Like and that conversations that start with one last 70 percent longer. Both of those are great signs that you've increased your chances for a quality match.

2. Use Photos With Expansive Body Language

In a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 3,000 Bay Area users were significantly more likely to swipe right on photos that showed expansive body language — meaning widespread arms and legs, a stretched torso etc. The reason? It symbolizes dominance and openness.

3. Fill Out Your Profile

The people asked and Tinder answered. They explain:

We’re adding your most-requested feature to Tinder profiles: job and education. Now you’ll know whether you’re looking at the profile of a fellow alum from your university or someone in an interesting industry. This allows users to make more informed choices when deciding to swipe left, right, or even up – while also providing great conversation starters.

Plus, they're an easy way to connect with people and find common links. And people requested the feature because they want to know more before they swipe. Which means they're more likely to swipe right if you've given them a chance to learn a bit about yourself.

4. Know Your Assets

Are you a pilot? An interior designer? How about a Georgetown alum? Some jobs and universities get more right swipes than others, and those are some of the most popular. You check out the whole list of the most desirable careers and colleges on Tinder, and if yours is listed, be sure to feature it. It could lead to more matches.

5. Wear Color

You can't get dates with out matches. And an overwhelming number of people wear black or white in their profiles, so if you want to stand out wear an actual color. Having a bio — and one that doesn't take yourself too seriously— is also a good approach.

6. Avoid Professional Photos

Talk about straight from the horse's mouth. Tinder CEO Sean Rad said at the Advertising Week Europe in London to avoid "model-y" photos. According to Business Insider, Rad said: "The data shows this: When your photo expresses something about your interests — like a skier skiing — or something about your personality, you do better. You do better as in you get more matches. I always tell people to be yourself." I trust the data and Rad to know what works.

7. Be Mindful

I know that "mindful Tindering" sounds like some hellish Millennial workout and I'm sorry, but according to Tinder, it works. When they put a limit on how many people you could swipe right in a 12-hour period, they saw great results. On their blog, they said "we’ve seen a 25 percent increase in the number of matches per right swipe, a 25 percent increase in the number of messages per match, and a 52 percent decrease in spam bots (another of our biggest user complaints). Pretty amazing."

We all get too into a zombie swiping phase. But if you take some more time and put more thought in from the beginning, you'll set a good precedent and actually want to speak to the people you've matched with— because you've actually thought about it. A little mental investment will pay back in the long run.

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