17 Bookish Mugs For Readers For Winter Sipping

Winter is almost upon us, which means it's the season of chilly nights spent curled up reading with a comfy blanket and a hot cup of tea — or coffee, or hot chocolate, whichever you prefer. Whatever your warm beverage of choice may be, make sure this season, you're sipping it out of one of these many bookish mugs for readers perfect for sipping all winter long.

Although every season has its reading perks, winter is an especially wonderful time of year for book-lovers. The cold weather makes it especially appealing to forego any plans that don't involve sweat pants, fuzzy blankets, new books, and a big warm mug of your favorite heated beverage. Who needs holiday parties, date nights, or even trips to the grocery store when you have a good read and a delicious drink calling your name from the couch?

So cheers to long nights of great books, comfy pajamas, cozy blankets, and an entire season devoted to reading and warm drinks. Whether you're fixing yourself a steaming cup of freshly steeped tea of a warm mug of hot cocoa brimming with marshmallows, here are 17 bookish mugs for readers you'll want to sip out of all winter long.

1. Bookish Cat Mug

What is better than wintertime reading? Wintertime reading with cats, of course! For the book-lover who enjoys it all, this mug speaks directly to their bookish soul.

Bookish Cat Mug , $15, Society6

2. Winter is Coming

Since this is the winter you are finally going to finish George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, make sure you have enough coffee to get you through it — and, of course, a matching mug.

Winter is Coming Mug, $11, Etsy

3. Let It Snow

Because you can never have too many Game of Thrones-themed anything, this clever "Let it Snow" mug is a perfect addition to your collection. Funny and perfect for winter time reading, it's the perfect mix of nerdy and cheerful.

Let It Snow Mug, $17.50, Design Genes

4. Not Today, I'm Booked

Of all the winter forest creatures, the fox is among the cutest and most favored. The only way to make them cooler? Giving them a book and an attitude that mirrors you as a reader, like this adorable fox on this must-have literary mug.

Not Today, I'm Booked Mug , $14, Etsy

5. Winter Bunny

What are you #CurrentlyReading? It doesn't matter, as long as you have this adorable winter bunny mug by your side.

Winter Bunny Mug , $15, Society6

6. Harry Christmas

Who cares about having a happy Christmas when you can have a Harry one? Because there's no wrong season to curl up with Harry Potter and a piping mug of warm butter beer, treat yourself to this mug, ideal for drinking out of all winter long.

Harry Christmas, $18, Etsy

7. It's Not Christmas Without a Beautiful Book

Truer words have never been spoken. Or, in this case, been inscribed on a mug perfect for wintertime sipping.

It's Not Christmas Without a Beautiful Book , $15, Society6

8. Charles Dickens Mug

While there are many authors we'd all love to curl up and read with, or share a nice cup of coffee with, none are more seasonally appropriate than Charles Dickens, author of A Christmas Carol. While this mug may be lacking in snowflakes and Christmas trees, it is the perfect winter shout out to an author who truly loves the season.

Charles Dickens Mug , $15, Etsy

9. Be Smart

This adorable mug, featuring a polar bear and a young girl reading together, is a sweet tribute to books and wintertime, a.k.a. some of your favorite things.

Be Smart , $15, Society6

10. We Took to the Woods

A unique mug featuring some of winter's biggest stars, namely, a moose, pine cones, and books, this is a seasonal beverage vessel you'll want to use every day until springtime. Okay, and maybe afterwards, too.

We Took to the Woods Mug , $15, Society6

11. Jane Austen Creepy Christmas

Jane Austen is know for a lot for a lot of things, but creepiness is not generally one of them. After using this Christmas-themed mug however, that just might change.

Jane Austen Creepy Christmas , $18, Zazzle

12. Books & Coffee & Winter & Sofa

Sometimes, the simper, the better. This mug says it all with the only four words that matter.

Books & Coffee & Winter & Sofa Mug , $15, Society6

13. Do Not Disturb

While no one likes being bothered while their reading ever, winter time is an especially touchy time for people who wish not to be disturbed. Luckily, this mug makes those feelings perfectly clear to anyone who dare try.

Do Not Disturb , $15, Etsy

14. Literary Mug

Could you think of a better catch phrase than this one for the winter season? Yeah, me either.

Literary Mug , $15, Etsy

15. Christmas Books

The only thing that matters on a reader's holiday wish list? Books, books, and more books.

Christmas Books Mug , $15, Society6

16. Merry Grinchmas

Celebrate one of the most classic Christmas books with this How the Grinch Stole Christmas-themed mug. Decorated to look like an ugly sweater and starring the book's best characters, this holiday mug will bring a smile to your face, even if your heart is two sizes two small.

Merry Grinchmas Mug , $15, Amazon

17. 'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to read drinks and drink hot chocolate all winter long. This year, do it in style and an season with this holiday inspired mug.

' Tis the Season Mug , $15, Society6